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ABC's of Self-Realization: Encouraging Excellence

Updated on September 6, 2013

There's a difference between striving for excellence and seeking perfection. Excellence is about living from the highest part of your Self - the part that is the most like God. It's about living from your highest thought, your highest action, your highest word. It is the truest, most real part of yourself. It is who you were Meant to Be when you chose to show up on this earth.

Perfection is something else. It's about accepting the entire package of Who You Are with your faults, quirks, and flaws. It's realizing that there is perfection in everything imperfect. You are exactly as you were meant to be for this moment. You will progress farther in life. Staying stuck in your current situation is being stagnant. You can choose to stagnate or to move forward. That choice is up to you.


Choosing excellence means you wake up, look around your life, and realize that you might possibly be in a place you weren't meant to stay either emotionally, mentally, or physically. It means you become aware that the role you are playing wasn't meant for you. (Gotta love James Taylor!) Striving for excellence allows you to see that your thoughts, words, and actions have to be congruent in order to achieve that state of being. Your awareness allows you to see that you have been physically ill, or mentally off kilter, or emotionally distraught because you haven't been living from the deepest, most real part of Who You Truly Are. It's been known that a lot of people stay living inside their "comfortable misery" because that is "all they know". It's also been noted that that statement doesn't have to be true. Many people have "risen from the ashes", so to speak, and have overcome tremendous odds and difficulties. They have become as butterflies, breaking free to fly, from within the safety of their cocoon.

Within each of you is the ability to break free, to live out your life as an example of what excellence looks like. Within each of you is also the free will to become consciously aware of what you wish to strive towards in life. You have choices. You have the ability within your innate empowerment to overcome whatever it is you desire to change about your life. The biggest part of change is twofold: (1) knowing that you cannot change your circumstances all the time, but you can definitely change your attitude towards them so that it brings more peace to your life and (2) knowing that the only thing that is constant in life is change. Life is not stagnant at all. Each day brings something new, if you so seek to find it. There is beauty in each day. Sometimes, it takes a lot more searching to see the goodness, but if you seek to see even one thing that is positive during the day, you will be able to find one more positive thing for which to be grateful in every consecutive day. Striving for excellence means keeping the most positive thoughts and actions on your priority list. The more "positivity" you consciously seek, the more you will find. The more you find, the more doors will be opened for you to make your life a better, more peaceful place. It inspires you towards more excellence, towards fulfilling your life's purpose. It's all that was ever intended from the beginning - for you to be and express Who You Truly Are and to live in a world of peace, acceptance, and love. That is what excellence truly is.


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    • profile image

      Lene Lynn 6 years ago

      Ashantina, thank YOU! I love your encouragement, you are always so positive about my writing! You are my most popular fan! :) Happy 4th to you, too! Have fun, ok?

    • Ashantina profile image

      Ashantina 6 years ago

      Thanks for the distinction about striving for perfection and excellence... Always awe inspiring Lene!!