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ABC's of Self-Realization: Optimistic Observation

Updated on September 6, 2013

The idea of optimistic observation is basically on the same line of thought as maintaining a positive attitude. When life is experienced through the standpoint of optimistic observation, the perception of events has a powerful impact on the outcome of those same events.

The experience of this journey for every living being is one of ups and downs, curveballs, exceptions, and unexpected happenings. Nobody ever promised it would be a bed of roses. It has been said that "attitude is everything" - that's most definitely true. The attitude determines the altitude, in that an optimistic observation allows us to mentally and emotionally rise above any situation that might be trying to drag us down.

A great truth that has become a conscious awareness recently (from a friend of a friend on Facebook) is that the darkness we experience in life has literally no way of being measured because it has no frequency. Therefore, in reality, it doesn't exist. Light is measureable because it does have frequency. The darkness we may experience in our lives is basically the Light, which we Truly Are, just covered over with the illusion of what we are not.

Think about that. Seriously. All the feelings and events we experience that are not those coming from an optimistic, positive place are literally just the same scenario from a negative slant. It's like a coin. There are two sides to it - always. Yet, the "dark" side is the one that is "face down", the one that can't be seen because it is hidden from literal view. The same for our perception and how we observe our lives - the Light of Who We Truly Are is literally hidden underneath the illusion of our dark thoughts and feelings. This may sound a little repetitive but sometimes, the most important truths in life need to be repeated at least twice.

When keeping in mind that something non-existent has no power at all, it makes it a lot easier to deal with life in general. It brings a great sense of relief, does it not? It allows us the freedom to change our experience, sometimes, literally within a split second, by the slanting of our thoughts to a more optimistic perspective.

The idea is about letting go of the illusion of darkness in our minds. That may include literally stepping away from the situation for a moment. It may include a deep breath, counting to ten. It may include literally closing the lips so no more screaming continues to escape from the throat. It may include a bit bigger move. It's all up to the persons' individual choice. At least now it's known that the darkness need not envelope and devour our senses or our lives.


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