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ABC's of Self-Realization: Whole-Hearted Wisdom

Updated on August 17, 2011

There is a huge difference between intelligence and wisdom. Intelligence is an innate gift that reflects how smart you are. Intelligence is usually a gene passed down by one or both of your parents or someone in your direct bloodline. It is beneficial for learning things in school. It is what is known as “book smart.” Intelligence is also a reflection, sometimes, of common sense. They say geniuses are people who don’t have much common sense. In a stereotypical view of intelligence, the lack of common sense is a bit of a “quirk” in the brain for the M.E.N.S.A. types or those close to that level of intelligence. Please understand - a “quirk” is definitely not a negative thing! Please also understand that this author works very hard at not stereotyping anyone – the above example is just for a point of reference. Please keep in mind that wisdom and intelligence are not mutually exclusive, as you will see in the following paragraph. The generalization here is again, just a point of reference.

Wisdom, on the other hand, is also an innate gift. It reflects the “street smarts” of a person. In other words, wise people are adept at handling all kinds of situations and people in life, whether they have a high IQ or not. In another perspective, it reflects the intuition of a person. Many wise people can figure out the motives of others just by watching them, for example. Or they have a deep, intuitive feeling about what path is the “best” for their life at any given moment. (My boyfriend has this ability, by the way, and at the same time, he is very intelligent and still possesses common sense – he is an amazing example of both - all unto himself!)

The purpose in writing about this topic is to remind people not to allow their innate wisdom to lie dormant. If you hear a “still, small voice” in your head, it isn’t because you have a split personality! It’s wise to listen to that voice. If you have a “gut feeling” about a choice you want to make or have made, it’s wise to listen to your gut and choose a different option. It’s interesting to point out that even wisdom has a gender assignment because usually, “intuition” is something women are noted for and a “gut feeling” is something men are noted for. That’s just an observation.

It’s been proven that many people who come from chaotic backgrounds are the ones most likely to ignore their innate wisdom. They don’t trust their intuition or gut feeling because they have been taught they are not trustworthy. Or, they have been raised by untrustworthy adults. When wisdom is ignored, it leads to a very bumpy road on this journey in life. Those who struggle to overcome their past many times end up where they wished to go on their journey but it usually takes a lot longer than if they had been raised by emotionally healthy parents.

Understand that we are all merely “mirror reflections” of one another. If we feel unworthy, we will feel that way about others. If we have high self-esteem, we will reflect that image to others and encourage them to become empowered in their own intelligence and wisdom.

If we are ever to be truly intelligent or truly wise, it would behoove us to remember our purpose – that of loving others, accepting others, and using our intelligence and wisdom to be a shining examples for others.


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