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Acid Reflux Remedies for the Average Guy

Updated on January 9, 2015

The Rundown

Like many people across America I have recently been diagnosed with acid reflux. Statistics show that over 15 million people in America have this condition and many more suffer from mild heart burn. I am a 40 year old ,male with (I will admit) not the best diet in the world. I suspected I had acid reflux for sometime, but it never has been confirmed until recently. I am not one who really enjoys taking medicine so I always look for a natural way to control my health problems first. In fact I will try anything before I actually have to take a pill. Thus, I took it upon myself to research the do's and don'ts of the a acid reflux friendly diet. I thought if I could control the symptoms myself then I would not have to go on medication. Thus I would like to share some acid reflux remadies that I have found.Take note: I am not a doctor and a combination of drugs and diet usually works for most people.

Food That Are Really Good for the Acid Reflux Diet

In general it is fair to say that a low fat diet that has a good mix of fruits and vegetables is good for a person who suffers with acid reflux. However it is not as simple as that. There are some "safe foods" that we can eat that are not prone to triggerring Acid Reflux. What are these so called safe foods?

Fuit- Apples are safe. An apple a day does keep the doctor away. If you were to drink any juice during the day keep it to apple. Bananas are also really good as well. Neither one of these fruits should not cause any digestive discomfort.

Vegtables- Think green. Green is good. Green beans, Broccoli, and peas  will not cause or trigger acid reflux. Carrots,  Cabbage and baked potatoes are good as well.

Meat-- Steak, lean ground beef, chicken breast and FIsh are all good for the Acid reflux diet.

Dairy-Cheese, feta or goat. Fat-free cream cheese, sour cream

Grains- Bread, multi-grain or white, cereal, corn bread, graham crackers, pretzels, white and brown rice, rice cakes

Beverages--Water is the best!!!

Sweets/Desserts- Fat free cookies, , jelly beans, red licorice. potato chips

NOTE : Check out WHY STOMACH ACID IS GOOD FOR YOU at This is a great book for people who are looking for recipe ideas for people who have Acid Reflux disease. This book has tons of positive reviews and is a good resource.

Foods to avoid

Ah yes the foods to avoid list . I must also say that this is a list of a lot of things I like to eat. None the less these are some foods to definitely try to avoid.

Fruits- Oranges and orange juice, Lemon and lemonade, Grapefruit and Grapefruit juice, cranberyy juice and tomatoes,

Vegetables- French Fries and Onions

Meat- Ground beef, chuck, chicken nuggets, Buffalo wings

Dairy-Sour cream, milk shake, Ice cream, cottage cheese

Grains-Macaroni and cheese, Spaghetti with sauce

Beverages-Liguor, Wine, Coffee, Tea

Oils--Salad Dressing

In general do not eat spicy foods and fried and fatty foods.

If a particular food is not on the do or don't list then that means the food could possibly be a problem for some people.

The Way We Chew and Eat Our Food

Changing the way we chew our food as a way to battle acid reflux really fascinated me when I read it. How could the way we eat our food possibly effect acid reflux disease? The answer is simple. The more we chew our food into smaller parts the easier it is for our digestive system to digest the food. Also eating slower and having smaller meals will help as well. I am a notorious quick eater. This is not good for the digestive system. Since I have been really trying to slow down my eating, I have noticed some of my Acid Reflux symptoms have gone away.


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