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Acid Reflux Stopped

Updated on October 12, 2016

Effects of Medication on Acid Reflux a Vicious Circle

Struggling with Acid Reflux and needing a solution?

The solution to your acid reflux problem lies in this that you get a better diagnosis of your situation than you have had sofar. See if you fit one or more of the following citeria that set the stage for your acid reflux:

  • You have been using prescribed medication, be it Gaviscon, PPI's such as Prevascid and Nexium etc. for years without overall improvement only temporary relief from pain, only to discover that you have created a B12 deficiency, that has led to decreased calcium absorption and worse:bone density loss. PPI's decrease stomach acid, but increase mal absorption of the most vital vitamins for bone density formation.

Normal stomach acid levels are a must to close off the upper stomach valve. If a ph level of 5 or 6 is reached because of PPI's or antacids, the valve won t function properly anymore and the problem starts or worsens.

The Role of Tramadol or Other Painkilers

  • You have been using painkillers like tramadol for an extended period of time, which has taken away the normal sense of pain caused by acid reflux. This may have gotten into the worst case scenario of acid reflux: a damaged esophagus lining that develops cancer,...... all because you didn't feel anything when you had acid reflux. Down here is a video showing you the process how the esophagus lining gets damaged

Results of Taking Gaviscon Longtime

  • Your stomach acid may have reached an all time low as a result of taking Gaviscon or other antacids for a long time.

How to Raise the Ph of Stomach Acid after PPPI's and Gaviscon

Zinc Deficiency

Zinc deficiency can be caused by drinking too much coffee, alcohol, ot taking too much silicium as a food additive. The video below explains what to do.

Too Much Acid or Too Little Zinc


You may have developed candida in your intestines as a result of either bad eating habits or medication. This will effect your digestion process negatively. And if you don't treat it, it will lead to painful joints and in a later stage even in not being able to focus or concentrate. Acid reflux is a combination of eating habits, genes, intestinal bacterial overgrowth, lack of vitamins, minerals, and prolonged us of medication That decreases stomach acid.

Cause and Cure of Candida


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