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"ADD/ADHD Disorder"

Updated on July 27, 2019

ADHD/ADD Insight

In our local setting and ways of living, not much is said about ADHD or ADD. Children with this kind of disorder are just considered stubborn and unruly without really taking time to look into the root cause of the so-called weird behavior. Most parents overlook the strange behavior every time and they end up denying the children some privileges in an attempt to instill discipline while others even smack them.

What Exactly Is ADHD?

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder that is easily noticed during childhood between the age of one and six. It is very normal for a kid to be fidgety, forgetful and talkative but when hyperactivity and inattention set in, it could be a different case and immediate medical attention is required. It is not always that the kid will have all of the three habits but some have all, others have two of the three while those with mild ADHD have only one of the three

Signs and Symptoms of ADD/ADD

Below is a simple breakdown of symptoms of each of the three red flags to watch out for

Signs and Symptoms of hyperactivity

  • Inability to settle down on one activity at a time, it could be playing with toys or even watching television
  • Too much fidgeting with anything that is within reach
  • Short-tempered and getting irritable very easily even with petty stuff
  • Too much talking

Signs and Symptoms of lack of attention

  • Forgetfulness and carelessness which is depicted mostly in school
  • Inability to remember and follow simple instructions
  • Disorganization and untidiness
  • Inability to stay focused
  • Careless and reckless talk

Signs and Symptoms of impulsivity

  • Lack of self-control which leads to throwing tantrums and destruction out of anger
  • Inability to think critically so as to solve a problem and hence relying on guesswork
  • Acting on the spur of the moment

How To Manage ADHD/ADD

However difficult it is to bring under control a kid with ADHD/ADD, there are ways the parent can use to calm down the situation. They include;

  • Ensure the child is on a proper diet with periodic snacks after every three to four hours to minimize chances of irritability
  • Help the child to have enough sleep and exercise so as to promote brain growth
  • Encourage the child to socialize with their peers to cultivate the right habits
  • Establish a culture whereby any offense is punishable to promote discipline
  • Have a to-do list for each day so as to help the child get more organized and have a plan about the activities of the day this keeps the child on track

A drowning man will clutch at a straw.

— Sir Thomas More (1478-1535)

ADHD/ADD, however, has its positive side since the kids with the disorder are likely to be more flexible, creative, energetic and charismatic about any subject that interests them.

Flexibility comes in as a result of the urge to do so many things at once and in the process they get themselves involved in things the parent could even imagine they are in a position to do.

Creativity sets in whereby the child is curious about almost everything they see around and somehow they try to come up with things according to their imaginations. This occurs more so if the two or more children with the same disorder are brought together as they feel a sense of compatibility.

Energy is depicted whereby they have the morale to jump around and move from one point to another in a short while. The talkativeness also shows a lot of energy that the child has and also the ability to communicate though not effectively.

In conclusion, parents should be close to their children so that they can monitor their behavior and look out for any unusual habits developing. Also, not all the kids with ADD are the same so the parents should be able to recognize their strengths and weaknesses so as to be in a position to help them overcome the challenges involved.

Children with such a disorder are not incapacitated in any way and they can do anything without limits.

For example, one kid with the ADHD could be talkative and unruly while another one could be absent-minded and deep into a daydream or fantasy


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