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ADD And Omega 3

Updated on April 2, 2013

In most cases, attention deficit disorder treatment is started when it has been found that certain symptoms have persisted beyond six months. Doctors usually use a checklist to see if the patient qualifies for attention deficit disorder treatment. It is called the DSM-IV TR criteria and here are a few of them:

  • The attention deficit disorder patient does not seem to be aware of being spoken to
  • Has trouble in maintaining even a small degree of attention at work or play
  • Makes mistakes in work which are careless and repeats the same mistakes
  • Finds it very difficult to follow instructions
  • With attention deficit disorder, a person gets distracted very quickly
  • Is always losing or misplacing things
  • Talks excessively or is always on the move
  • Fidgets, cannot sit still
  • When a person has attention deficit disorder, he constantly interrupts people talking or playing

Adult attention deficit disorder too is very much a problem. Attention deficit disorder is not just a condition that assails children. When it happens to adults, it becomes very difficult for the person to hold a job or even to follow routine tasks through to completion. Attention deficit disorder is a major problem in such people’s lives. Since they cannot fit in, they tend to feel very alone, left out and frustrated. Attention deficit disorder could be the cause of a marriage breaking up, losing a job or getting into deep financial problems. These failures only make things worse, with the sufferer being unable to cope with life unless there is adequate and timely attention deficit disorder treatment.

In a Purdue study, indications were that attention deficit disorders tended to be prevalent in people who had low essential fatty acids. Omega 3 deficiencies were found to exist alongside with depression, attention deficit disorders, tendencies to violence, dyslexia, allergies and eczema and inflammatory conditions. If this deficiency were the cause of attention deficit disorder, it stood to reason that there would be improvement and maybe even cure if Omega 3-rich foods or supplements were administered. The problem is that our typical diet does not contain the required amount of Omega 3 and in fact, 6 out of 10 Americans could be Omega 3-deficienct!

Why is Omega 3 so good to keep conditions like attention deficit disorders at bay? Omega 3 is a very vital part of the brain make up so if we increase our intake of Omega 3, it could just make a great difference. Omega 3-rich foods are fatty fish and flaxseeds. Make sure that you cut out the trans fats and the Omega 6 vegetable oils or at least minimize their usage as they tend to interfere with the absorption of Omega 3.

Maybe the solution isn’t that simple but it stands to reason that if Omega 3 does play a large part in making the brain function better, why not include more Omega 3 in your diet or if that isn’t possible, at least use Omega 3 supplements to make sure your body isn’t in a deficiency mode? Any way that dealing with these deficiencies can help should always be welcome.


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