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ADD And The Role Iron Plays

Updated on June 23, 2013

Today, around 5% of children in the U.S. need attention deficit disorder treatment. The problem is that many of them, in fact, maybe up to 70% of them will have some of the symptoms of attention deficit disorder as adults too. Though adult attention deficit disorder has been a lot in the news lately, there is really not much that is known about the condition. Why does attention deficit disorder occur? What can we do to make this condition seem less frightening? How can attention deficit disorder sufferers be taught to cope?

In most cases, medications that are prescribed for attention deficit disorder will have to be taken. These help the patients calm down and also help them to focus better. They include stimulants and antidepressants. However, just medication is not enough to deal with attention deficit disorder. There must be an attempt made to join support groups and to become a part of a behavior program.

Let’s take a look at the symptoms of attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. You’ll find three main characteristics. They are hyperactivity, inattentiveness and a tendency to be very impulsive. There is also the tendency for attention deficit disorder patients to be distracted very easily. All this could lead to depression and anxiety. What also helps attention deficit disorder cases is psychotherapy. This helps attention deficit disorder patients to manage their work and time much better through the use of organizational tools.

Does attention deficit disorder respond to natural remedies or to deficiency treatment? Studies are throwing up a strong relation between attention deficit disorder and the lack of iron. In France, doctors feel that low iron levels are present in around 85% of attention deficit children as against just 18% of normal children. This would then suggest that perhaps iron could be one of the answers. It makes sense as iron is so important in the functioning of the brain. Obviously the iron levels in a patient would have to be checked and then the iron supplements prescribed by a doctor. However if there is a grain of truth in this, then maybe attention deficit disorder can be prevented to a large extent with adequate amounts of iron?

The problem of course would surface if there were sufficient amounts of iron in a patient. Then, too much iron could cause problems as it could be toxic. Attention deficit disorder patients should be checked thoroughly before any iron intake is recommended. There has been a documented case in Europe where doctors did prescribe iron supplements to an attention deficit disorder child and the improvements were recorded. Care must be taken however to see that once the iron deficiency in attention deficit disorder patients is tackled, iron supplements should be discontinued and should maybe be used just once a week. Alternatively, a maintenance program could be done with naturally rich iron foods.

There’s still so much we need to know about the human brain and how it functions. It is such a complex piece of work and the more we know, the more we realize how little we know. Sometimes, the answers will mean a complex line of treatment. In some cases, it could be simple. When it comes to people suffering from a condition like ADD, anything that could help should be tried but it must be done under a doctor’s trained eye.


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