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ADDICT Scene-14

Updated on December 23, 2011

The judgment seat of Jesus Christ

The judgment seat of Jesus Christ

2 Corinthians-v:6-10

6: Therefore we are always confident, knowing that, whilst we are at home in the body, we are absent from the Lord:

7: (For we walk by faith, not by sight:)

8: We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.

9: Wherefore we labour, that, whether present or absent, we may be accepted of him.

10: For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Jesus Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad.



DISSOLVE INTO a LONG SHOT which reveals DEA Special Agent Monique “Ecstasy” Johnson dressed in a business suit, wearing very little makeup. Across from her is sitting a very serious looking middle-aged man, Ted Jenkins, the head of the Philadelphia DEA Field Office. Also seated at the table is her partner DEA Special Agent Billy Ramirez.


(dry wit)

She mates, and she kills.


That’s me.


(in awe)

Mo (beat) you are one scary chick.


Ok, Ok, that’s enough kissing my butt;(beat) the meet is at ten tonight boss. I tell you it’s a shame these guys are not on our side, they were surgical at T’s place.


Boo hoo for those losers, they chose the wrong side. But on a positive note seeing that the Graves boys did our “wet work” for us (beat) am letting the state play hero on tonight’s bust, and make sure they get an anonymous tip about the mystery explosion at Johnson’s place. Then I’ll make sure your boyfriends only get 10 to 15 state drug time, hard rocks like those guys can do that standingon their heads. (beat) Anyway we don’t need those D.C. pukes sniffing around on how we take out the trash here in Philly.

WE CLOSE UP ON Monique/Ecstasy’s face, as she remains emotionless, however her sensual eyes reveal a slight hint of disappointment. She will miss Da Da. Oh well business as usual.





WE DISSOLVE INTO Keith and Bonnie sleeping. WE CLOSE UP ON Keith’s face as it transcends slowly from blissful into horrified. WE NOW ENTER KEITH’S NIGHTMARE!


WE LONG SHOT TO reveal that Keith is now a fifteen-year old boy again, having sex for the first time with Delana. An adult demonic looking T Johnson and six of his of his demonic goons burst into the room. The demons attack Keith, he tries to fight them off, using Martial Arts, but his demons are just too strong!


Welcome to Hell Preacher Boy! Boys chain that

little punk up, I have been waiting to tear this

little tight butt up for a long time.

And just think Preacher Boy I get to DO IT TO YOU for



Just as Demonic T begins to approach Keith, he wakes up yelling at the top of his lungs.



Bonnie wakes up, and gently pulls her husband’s trembling, sweat soaked body close to hers, and places his head on her breast.


(deep denial)

One day you are going to have to tell me what’s going on with you.

We continue to LONG SHOT as we see Bonnie is still comforting Keith, who has settled himself.

She reaches for the remote to turn on the Sunday morning Seven O’clock News on WB-17.


The Philadelphia Law Enforcement community struck a major blow in the war on drugs in our area. State Police officials confirm the arrest of local drug-lord Charles “Chucky” Graves during an undercover sting operation. Graves and his brother David “Da Da” Graves were apprehended last night while attempting to sell twenty kilos of cocaine to Pennsylvania State Police undercover officers. Law Enforcement officials are calling this past week The Week of Miracleswith the slayings of international crime king-pins Lee Wong, and Tyrone “T” Johnson, along with the arrest of the Graves brothers. We have Major Bill Pagalini, head of the State Police Narcotics Task Force live commenting on this momentous week for local law enforcement. Our guy Larry Tabor is on the scene.


Good Morning folks, you know this must be a great day for the “Troopers” when you get me out of bed on the one-day of the week that Mrs. Pagalini is nice to me. The day I get to go play golf!

The entire press conference room erupts in laughter:


But seriously ladies and gentlemen this past week from a law enforcement perspective has been nothing short of a miracle.(beat) In regards to the murders of Lee Wong and Tyrone Johnson on this past Wednesday and Friday nights. We have no leads as of yet, however I will say this, there is a major sigh of relief from Scotland Yard to Israeli Intelligence because of the demise of these two international criminals who had their hands in everything from military type weapon sales to the prostitution of small children. Those two men were just plain evil. (beat) In regards to the apprehension of the Graves brothers last night, taking twenty kilos of death off of the streets of the Philadelphia area? Let’s just say I will sleep well tonight, (beat) and I look forward to my buddy “The Irishman” getting back from his Hawaiian vacation so we can go out on the town and celebrate! That’s all.

The Major exits the podium to the laughter of his adoring fans, a room filled with journalist.


There you have it folks, I believe we are only just beginning to realize who Mr. Lee Wong the philanthropist, and entrepreneur from “Chinatown” and former Philly State basketball star T Johnson really were. (beat) Back to you Eric…


Thank you Larry, and later in our broadcast we will have comments from Philly State head basketball coach Bill Delaney on the demise of the captain of his only NCAA Final-Four basketball team (beat) coming up right here on WB-17 Sunday morning News.


WE LONG SHOT TO SEE Bonnie is still holding a silent, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually drained Keith.


See baby, I am glad you stopped hanging around with that

no good T Johnson a long time ago. I told you somebody was

going to kill his rotten behind one day.

CUT TO: Mattie, and Mia are in their “Power Puff Girls” pajamas knocking on their parent’s bedroom door, wanting breakfast.


Mommy we’re hungry!


Can we have chocolate milk and doughnuts?



Mattie and Mia give each other a “high five”, giggle and head downstairs for chocolate milk and donuts. CLOSE UP of Keith’s eyes reveal that he cannot disguise his fears of eternal damnation.


Let’s go back to sleep for a little while, the girls will be fine. 


(kisses her husband)

Ok Papi, I love you.

PULL OUT TO LONG SHOT which reveals Bonnie sliding down to Keith’s side and laying her head on his chest while falling back into a deep blissful slumber. Keith holds his wife and turns off the TV. We see him stare with much intensity at a crucifix that hangs over the doorway in their room, as he drifts back into REM sleep. DISSOLVE: Into CRANE SHOT of the entire bedroom as Keith is asleep. Something extremely strange begins to happen. The bedroom begins to glow with a brilliant white light, sitting in a rocking chair there is a beautiful Angelic woman holding beautiful twin baby girls, they are staring at Keith, who is suddenly alone in his bed. He sits up on the edge of his bed in a state of shock.


You want to put some clothes on “Cowboy” I got babies over here. Keith quickly complies, and puts on a pair of shorts that are on the floor next to his bed.


Look I’ll get right to the point (beat) first of all, I forgive you and your business partners for what you did to me and my family, nothing personal, just business, right? (beat) Don’t answer that question. Look man of God, the Father has sent me here to deliver a message to you (beat) about that little meeting you and your cronies have planned for Monday, it won’t be business as usual for you man of God, it is time for you to let it all go and do what Father God has put you on this Earth to do, Evangelist Keith Blackwell. (beat) Now get some rest man of God, doing the right thing can be very hard work. Angel Darcy, and her twins disappear, the bedroom has normal early AM sunlight again, and Keith is again nude, holding his naked wife who is sleeping in his arms. First nightmares, now whacked out visions, what’s next?



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