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ADHD Manic Depressive Children and Eating

Updated on July 16, 2012

Getting your ADHD Manic Depression child eating full healthy meals

If your child was diagnose with ADHD, (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) Manic Depression, you may have a long road ahead of you as well as a multitude of barriers to cross. This may be in no way an easy journey for you and as you try to deal with all the changes in your life, to adjust to all the changes in your child’s life, you may be hoping for anything that might help.

Some children diagnosed with this illness may be put on special medications and sometimes these medications can interfere with their eating habits. Some children suffer a loss of appetite and no matter what you do as a parent you cannot get them to sit down for breakfast, lunch or dinner and if they even sit down you can’t get them to eat very much.

I have a son that was diagnosed with ADHD Manic Depression and so I can relate to your struggles. The first was to contain the episodes so that my child would function peacefully with my other children in our household. That was a battle in itself, I tried many different solutions until I reached one that worked and that was recognizing that he needed to release his anger in a positive way. The other part of that was also in the end realizing he not only just needed to communicate what he felt, he also needed to listen to what was being said and understand that it was a solution to help him not to hurt him.

What I had a hard time with was his appetite for food, the medications that he was on seemed to cause some disruption in his eating habits. Even with his simple three meals a day, I could not get him to eat a full meal for the day. He was becoming so skinny that I was really scared, so I worked hard to find a resolution that would work and eventually I did.

I took notes on all the foods that he liked and I recognized that there were times throughout the day that he was looking for a snack. I used those two things to my advantage to get him healthy.

While my son was doing his homework, playing video games or watching TV, I made sure to prepare his favourite healthy foods and place it on a plate next to him. I realized that he would automatically reach out for snacks and these were the things that I would make sure were right at his side.

He never questioned it, he just ate and continued doing what he was doing and by the end of the day he would have eaten a full three-course meal in a multitude of small meals throughout the day.

In a matter of weeks he was becoming healthier, and in a matter of months his body was looking healthier and healthier. I was told by his specialist, after several months, that he was one of the healthiest kids that he has ever seen with this illness while on this particular type of medication.

I would also prepare some of his desired healthy meals and place them in small containers in the front of the fridge, for easy access for him.

This is not an easy diagnosis to deal with, it takes up a lot of your time so to make sure that I spent time with my other children as well, I set aside special time each month for each child, spent away from the home. I called the day’s mother and daughter day and mother and son day. Each child, including my son with ADHD Manic Depression, would tell me once a month what they would like to spend the day doing with myself and that particular child only, would spend the day together with myself.

This gave me the opportunity to go over things that I may have missed throughout the month and I got the opportunity to find out how they are really feeling about the situation. Most of all, it gave my children the chance to recognize that they are important and special to me and that I did not forget her/him because of the situation.

In the end I was able to raise all of my children together as a family in the same home and as I worked to adjust through each stage of growing up. I ended up with my son today heading off to college, reduced from his Manic Depression because he has adapted to the coping skills that I have worked with him on. As well he is making great use of the educational assistance that the schools have put into place to help him with his ADHD.

So if you are having trouble getting your ADHD Manic Depression child to eat healthy, you may want to give my suggestion a try.


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