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ADUNCANUMAB !! Watch Out Alzheimers.

Updated on March 31, 2015

Alzheimer"s Disease ! Breakthrough On The Cards.

ADUNCANUMAB ! No, unlike EXPIALIDOCIOUS { if that is how it is spelt}, this is no made up jocular name. It is in fact potentially the biggest advance in warding off Dementia ever seen. HONESTLY, YOU MUST READ THIS !

At the moment, this totally unmemorable name hides behind it the drug advance in dealing with ALZHEIMER"S ,a disease which affects in the UK alone 500,000 people. There is hardly a family here which is not affected in someway by this debilitating disease which robs those inflicted not only of memory but also a most cherished element of human life, dignity.

My brushes with this vile alment began in the 1950"s when my aged maternal grandmother was consigned, as was the normal then, to the Geriatric Ward of the City Hospital. Mental Health treatments in those days had advanced but little from the days of Bedlam,and like Sanitoria and I know my mother and her sisters were extremely scarred by what happened to their mother.

In fact, I overheard ,as a 11 year old my mother telling my father that if he saw her ever going the same way, he was to shoot her. A memory as an 11 year old you did not want, but which stayed with me till the day my own mother died at the of 81, in a bed, in my house, cared for by my father and the advances of the medical profession for community care.

Laer still Alzheimers was again to hit us by affecting both my wife"s father and mother. Her mother went first in 2009 and this was also a sobering period as she was, in the opinion of the family, starved to death in Hospital. An earlier stroke had signaled the onset of Alzheimers and when she was admitted to hospital, it was understood that her time was limited. Even so, the so called LIVERPOOL PATHWAY, seemed an unsympathetic method of care as she seemingly wasted away before the eyes of her daughters.

My wife"s father, who had been cared for largely at home since the death of his wife and the onset of his own Alzheimer"s, also died in Hospital but in very different circumstances. For the last period of hs life he had agreed to go into a local care home where he was treated excellently and developed friendships with staff and residents alike. His Alzheimers galloped on to the extent that whilst he could tell you here he was born 91 yearspreviously, he could not remember not only what he had for breakfast, but even if he had had any. Staff got used to him turning up twice for meals.

It was on his way to eat that he took a fall in the corridor and had to be hospitalised with a cracked shoulder. He hated Hospitals but such was his Alzheimers that he spent 3 weeks quite calmly there. Ironically, on the morning that was his release back to the Care Home, he waited in his chair for transport and calmly slid away from this world.


The march of progress goes on and now ADUNCANUMAB is, like a wave of a magic wand and magic word, on the way to revolutionise treatment of this horrible affliction.

New Drug Reverses Damage To Brain.

Damage to the brain caused by the Alzheimer effect has been known and understood for sometime but till now medical science, whilst making prgress in slowing down the onset and effects of the disease, has been unable to find any viable way in which to remove or cure the causes. Now, the prospect of doing those things has taken a giant forward step following recent trials of a new drug, ADUNCANUMAB.

Results of what is openly admitted as a "small trial" have been so amazing as to see normally cautious and reserved scientists, seeking to advance the use of the drug, by missing out the usual second stage of trialling at this level and moving immediately to larger advanced trials.

A minimum of 1,000 patients worldwide are in the mind of the developing company, BIOGEN. Remember 500,000 PEOPLE IN UK alone suffer from Alzeimer"s and so recruitmEnt is not likely to be difficult in nUmber terms.

The medical tests for ADUCANUMAB so far, have shown that it can reduce, in significant amounts, clumps of protein called AMYLOID PLAQUE that are found in the brains of Altzheimer"s patients.This plaque is identified as the major source associated with the killing off of nerve cells and brain tissue both of which are identified as the prime causes of both memory loss and personality volatility.

Support for ADUNCANUMAB comes from such highly rated organisations as ALZHEIMER"S UK. Conceeding these are but early results, Research Director, Dr Eric Karran, is on record as saying that this drug could provide both effective and safe treatment. Results of the proposed larger trials are impatiently awaited then, not only by individuals but by leading medical organisations which have for decades tried vainly to find treatments wit which ti fight this highly fared disease..

So far, as explained at a recent conference on both Alzheimer"s and Parkinson"s diseases, the trials to date on ADUNCANUMAB show that recorded doses of the drug significantly slowed down mental decline, whilst brain scans confirmed the reduction of levels of Amyloid Plaque present. If these results are confirmed then no words can adequately describe the breakthrough ready to burst upon us.

No Delay ! Press on today.

The encouraging news of this potential breakthrough in the treatment of Alzheimer"s comes at a good time in one way at least. In the UK, agreement was recently and finally reached between the Government ,representeing the NHS and the drug company producing the fully trialled and effective treatment for Meningitis in the young. This long fiscal process has taken 2 years to reach agreement and observers quite rightly point to the number of deaths and loss of limbs and faculties of infants, caused by this delay of price wrangling.

In respect of ALTZHEIMER"S and ADUNCANUMAB a similar situation must not be allowed to happen. Government should ensure BIOGEN undertake the extended trials without delay, analyse the findings, and produce the same for scrutiny and discussion by and with, the Medical Administration Agency involved . If, as with the preliminary findings explained here , things are found to be so positive for use in the battle against Alzheimers , then no single moment should be lost in making this treatment available via NHS here, and by the appropriate agencies elsewhere.

For too long Alzheimers has been the haunting spectre hanging over ageing humans, denying too many of the opportunity not only to enjoy their extending years but also to be able to pass on their experience and in many cases wisdom, for the benefit of the generation in which they live and thus, by proxy, leave a legacy for the future of those yet to come. Remember the name folks ADUNCAMUMAB ! If nothing else, if you can remember that name then the chances are YOU,at least, are free from Alzheimer"s.

Let the slogan be, "NO DELAY ! PRESS ON TODAY".


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