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Updated on September 10, 2011

The meditation in divine love devotion is emotional, not intellectual. It starts directly from surrender (love). There is no intellectual effort, there is no technical meditation and there is no mental contemplation. There is submission of the ego in the love of God that, "I am Yours," and there is a retention of affection in the conscious mind that, "You are mine," Intellectual meditations are based on the ego and the intellect, but meditations of an affectionate kind are based on the feelings of love for God. Now we can judge the benefits of divine love devotion as compared to intellectual meditation.

(1) All the material weaknesses of the mind are overcome.

Vanity, which is the intellectual form of ego, remains submerged in the feeling of humbleness. The other weaknesses (material qualities) of the mind, mainly anger, jealousy and pride, also remain subsided because they come into force with the help of vanity. Thus, for overcoming these weaknesses of the mind, a devotee has to carefully maintain only one quality of humbleness in him, and then these weaknesses are easily overcome; whereas a yogi(intellectual meditator) struggles hard for years and years to overcome these weaknesses, yet fails.

When a person is in love, his desires and attachments are centered on the loved person and he desires to love him more and more. Love is the apparent form of faith and confidence in someone. In the same way, you have to transfer your faith to God and believe that they are your real friends, relatives and guardians, Who can Grace you with Divine love, your most desired goal. In doing so, all the wrongs of your mind will naturally be overcome and your mind will be engrossed in devotional love.

When you will remember Him Faithfully, naturally you will desire to see Him personally, and you will become greedy to get more bliss of His love because of your affection for Him. Thus, by faithfully remembering God, you will neutralize your material weaknesses without any extra effort.

(2) Fickleness of the mind stops.

The mind runs after its attachments because it gets pleasure from them. When the mind is attached to the Divine beauty and love of God, it naturally will have a joyous feeling in remembering Him. In this way, its running towards material objects will cease.

3) The process of divine love devotion is natural and scientific.

The devotion in divine love consciousness is natural because it goes parallel to the natural flow of your mind. It is a psychological fact that desires are closely connected with the mind and they always hover around the objects of sensual entertainments. Desires are born in the mind and they stay in the mind. The mind itself is independent. So the existence of an apparent desire is impossible without the mind, but mind itself can exist without desires (as in sound sleep or trance).

The mind comes to stillness either in deep thinking or in non ­thinking. In normal states it is fickle. Deep thinking is possible if there is a deep attachment but non-thinking is not possible unless all attachments are eliminated, because the mind always thinks of those things to which it is attached.

Attachments persist due to the hope of getting happiness or love from an object. Hope is nothing but a desire, which is due to the absence of the real love, and that real love means Divine love. So the cause of attachment is desire, and the cause of desire is the absence of Divine love.

Unless Divine love is achieved, desires and attachments can never be totally eliminated from the mind, so trying to eliminate material attachments from the mind before giving it an object of Divine attachment is just like snatching a piece of bread from the hands of a beggar without giving him anything else to eat. In this kind of Intellectual resistance, sometimes worldly attachments increase instead of decrease and the mind sticks more strongly to its desired object, because your intellect forbids your mind to go to the places of' its interests where it is engaged with the hope of getting happiness.

Peace is a stage of no worry, but happiness and love are realizations. A person takes a good lunch and is pleased with its taste, but when hetakes his dinner with his spouse at home, he experiences an additional happiness although the taste of food is the same. In the absence of his beloved, he may wish to eat alone instead of remaining hungry, but when lie is with her, he will never desire to do so.

It means that in the absence of love, you may think of getting Ordinary sensual pleasure, and in the absence of such pleasure you may think of getting peace. But when you find love, you forget everything because both peace and pleasure are included in love. Thus, your real urge is to get love, and so your mind wanders among worldly personalities to find it.

A meditator who intellectually consoles his mind to give it peace is actually preventing it from enjoying the worldly pleasure at hand. He is snatching that `something' from the mind without giving it anything in return. Thus, it is an unwise effort to forcefully stop the running of (lie mind into its affectionate areas.

Such efforts are bound to fail because a person is bound to follow the psychological instincts of his mind. He cannot ignore them forcefully. That is why, when a person sits for meditation and intellectually tries to take ideas out of his mind, he fails. Some pious devotees may succeed to some extent, but this process is against the nature of the mind. If a person insistently continues to follow this process of intellectual concentration and keeps on remembering his worldly ,attachments, hypocrisy will develop in his mind instead of purification.

The aim of devotional meditation is to purify the mind by concentrating on the Divine form. Purification occurs when the mind is remembering the Divine form or is attached to the Divine form of God. It is the nature of the human mind that it can easily concentrate in the remembrance of its loved object. So the easiest way of remembrance is to attach the mind to the Divine form through the Divine subjects of God, in which it will be engrossed forever.Deep thinking is emotional meditation, and non-thinking is intellectual meditation.

(4) I t overcomes worldly attachments.

Worldly attachments are forgotten and lost in the love of God. It would be understood from the example of a woman who adopts u boy as leer son in the absence of a son of her own but after some time when she gives birth to a boy, her love for the adopted boy naturally decreases. A formal love remains for the adopted one and the inner love goes to leer real son. Someone may ask, how can one experience the attachment or love for God without seeing Him? This is a naive question, because attachment does not depend upon a perception of the object. It is the firm belief in a loving relationship which appears as an attachment in the heart and grows according to the intensity of confidence in its attainability.

A sheltered country girl who learns from her mother that she is going to be married to a boy feels a kind of love for her would-be ­husband and imagines him according to the description given by her mother. In the same way, a conscious feeling of Divine relationship with God and a confidence in meeting Him will develop the feeling of love in your heart, and the illustrated or described form of God will become the basis for conceiving Their Divine forms in your heart. In this way, without any intellectual exercise your mind will be engrossed in devotional thoughts.

Your mind is already in search of its real Beloved, whom it has been seeking for uncountable years inworldly personalities. The Divine love philosophy shows you the real form of your Beloved and you find the subject of your liking.

(5) It enters into day to day life.

Intellectual meditation is normally a routine which is carried on in addition to the normal way of living and in a scheduled time. So, it curl out a part of your day to day living; it cannot be a way of life. It this way, meditation is simply an additional item to the daily routine, hilt divine love devotion is a transformation of material living into a devotional living. It continues throughout the twenty-four hours without obstructing the daily activities of life, just as a newly wedded person encumbers his beloved wife throughout the whole day without discontinuing his work.

Divine love devotion is a kind of consciousness, not an action; it is a devotional emotion, not a formal observance; and this is the actual state of the meditation.

(6) Heart purification is fastest.

With the regular remembrance of God, the purification of the heart continues incessantly. This does not happen with the intellectual meditation because that is done for a limited period of time as a routine.

Another benefit of this process is that the devotee receives and develops God virtues and Divine love virtues in his heart through the remembrance of God, which is not possible through intellectual meditation. Thus, purification of the heart and the development of devotional virtues are faster through the affectionate remembrance of God.

(7) Self progressive.

Purification means experiencing an affinity with God and developing the devotional qualities of the mind. The effect of intellectual meditation appears as a feeling of peace, and the effect of divine love devotion appears as an experience of Divine love. Peacefulness appears in the mind and love appears in the heart.

In intellectual meditation, result and effort are different. You get peace (result) by observing a certain process (effort) of concentration or meditation. Certain efforts give certain results, thus both are different.

In divine love devotion, effort and effect are both the same. There is no intellectual effort, but there is a feeling of love which a devotee tries to develop by a conscious remembrance (or devotional chanting) of God’s name, His virtues and His leelas(doings). As a result of remembrance, he develops love and longing for God. The experiences of longing stimulate his feelings of love, and with these evolved feelings he remembers Him more affectionately. To love is the effort and to get love is the result. Thus, love multiplies love by itself, and, in a natural way, the devotee steps higher and higher in his devotion.

(8) Protected by God.

The main drawback of intellectual meditation is its vulnerability, which makes a meditator fall in his bad days due tovanity and sensual attractions. But the vanity of a divine love devotee remains submerged in the feeling of humbleness, and even in the days bad time, God protects him from falling.

The Bhagwatam says,

"O! lord Krishn! The devotees who have taken refuge at Your lotus feet never fall from their devotional path and they overcome even the greatest obstacles of material world, because they are protected by You."

(9) Divine love devotion is directly related to God, 'hereas intellectual meditation is only sattvic.

The most important feature of divine love devotion is that it directly sites the devotee to the Divine realm, but the intellectual (non-dualistic) rests only in the pious quality of material world, and so it is totally incapable of liberating the meditator. The Bhagwatam reveals this secret,

"Non-dualistic knowledge and the bliss of self realization is pious, to the selfless devotion of Lord Krishn is beyond sattvic gun."

(10) Can be adopted by everyone.

Will is the chief qualification. Any person who sincerely wishes to gel the vision and love of God can adopt divine love devotion to Lord Radha Krishn. There is no question as to which status, race or religion he belongs, or what physical, social or family situations he is in. Moreover, there is no strict binding over his daily routine; only some restrictions ;ire necessary, because divine love devotion has nothing to do with physical actions, it only requires a loving heart to remember Him.

The most remarkable thing is that divine love devotion converts material consciousness into devotional consciousness by its own effect, and then evolves it into divine love consciousness if adopted sincerely. On the other hand, to start a true non-dualistic practice of meditation (intellectual), a highly evolved devotional consciousness is required. If such intellectual meditations are practiced by a person of material consciousness (as said before), it will make him proud and arrogant instead of developing the devotional virtues of his mind.

Difference in attainment.

A millionaire suddenly becomes bankrupt and, due to the shock, he Faints. A beggar luckily gets a great amount of money in a lottery and he also faints. The first man fainted with grief and the other fainted due to excessive joy. After fainting, both entered into the same state of unconsciousness. Now, neither the first one is experiencing the pain of grief nor the other is experiencing the pleasure of happiness. Also, in an unconscious and feeling less state of sound sleep, it matters little if one is sleeping on the footpath or on a foam bed. These differences have their importance in relation to consciousness. In the same way, if a person loses his identity and is unconsciously absorbed in the Absolute, it is just like a state of everlasting unconscious sleep, and there is no benefit in getting such a liberation (kaivalya mokch) because he does not experience the Bliss.

So, through the attainment of liberation, the aim of getting endless Bliss and love is not fulfilled, and the person loses the chance of getting Divine love forever. On the other hand, the divine love devotee becomes apermanent associate of Lord Krishn (by His Grace) and experiences the Bliss of Divine love forever.

Thus, the progress through intellectual meditation is slow, the practice is difficult and the ultimate result is a never-ending unconsciousness; while the progress through emotional meditation

(divine love devotion) is fast and easy and ensures the limitless and ever-increasing experience of Divine love forever.

(A devotee says:) "O my Lord Krishn! How long will You remain far from me? When will I see Your young rain-laden cloud-like loving body with my eyes to my heart's content? Although I have done serious sins, still, O Lord of my soul! I know in my heart that You (and only You) are the lifeof my life. Considering me as the foot dust of Your Devotees, please think of me also (and give me Your vision).

O my Beloved! Why haven't You come to me up till now? What are You pondering upon in Your mind (that You are delaying to come)?"


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    • moneycop profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from JABALPUR

      u r welcome

    • AudreyHowitt profile image

      Audrey Howitt 

      6 years ago from California

      Thank you!!

    • moneycop profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from JABALPUR

      welcome audrey..its great that u enjoying meditation, thats the reality behind. People who thinks its boring , are really at loss. thanks again

    • AudreyHowitt profile image

      Audrey Howitt 

      6 years ago from California

      I found this hub to be so interesting--I sing and practice singing every day. I know that singing is not a traditional way of meditating--but I find the practice to be quite meditative--and sometimes, it feels like flying--so where does that fall?


    • moneycop profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from JABALPUR

      izett the thing we did in past becomes easy to do. but when any thing new comes,it takes time, its natural. so be slow but it for 5 min. a day and then increase time after a week or two.

      it helped me changed me and now i am full of love and bliss so i had decided to benefit all my surroundings too.

    • izettl profile image

      Laura Izett 

      7 years ago from The Great Northwest

      meditation is one thing that I struggle with, but if I take the time to do it then its very rewarding.

      This hub was incredible really. Very informative and made me feel relaxed just reading about it. Did not know of types of meditations...interesting.

    • moneycop profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from JABALPUR

      hi deeaka noona....

      so sweet of u asking my permission

      there is no stopage on wind, air, water for all of us...and so giving GOD's knowledge for social well beaing is a service and my duty. You have honoured me asking for permission...but u have full authority to use it any how...because goodness can never feed bads...only it can kill evil or turn wrongs into right

      I feel very whelmed...inspiring some one with a hub written just online..sitting far away..oceans..

      thanks again..

    • Dee aka Nonna profile image

      Dee aka Nonna 

      7 years ago

      This was great. I really enjoyed it and with your premission I will print it out and make it a useful part of my daily meditation. I love to be inspired and your just inspired me. thank you. Voted up and useful

    • moneycop profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from JABALPUR

      Oh! Lady_E thanks for ur comment...ur continuous visit to my hubs make me more strong and gives me strength to make more real and useful hubs...again thanks for giving value!!

    • Lady_E profile image


      7 years ago from London, UK

      Inspiring and Deep article. I have to read it again.


    • moneycop profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from JABALPUR

      good...vipasana is also relief giver but the soul of meditation is in loving god

      And thanks for comment

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I had practiced Vipasana meditation in the past, these days I chant mantras. Your hub is a useful guide.


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