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Super Skunk Automatic Seeds - White Label

Updated on May 25, 2016

Modified Female Marijuana Seeds

Weed Cup Winner

Mild / Continental

Compact size plant

Blooming 45 to 55 days

Harvest: solid

80% Indica

Ever since the early 1990s, Super Skunk has brought joy to countless people with her amazing vitality, potency and flavor. The best characteristics of this infamous Super Skunk tribe have been crossed with an energetic strain of Ruderalis hemp in order to create this outstanding auto-blooming feminized marijuana breed.

In warm and sunny atmospheric conditions, hybrid Super Skunk Automatic strain can produce two high-yielding female plants in one season. Indoors, her auto-blooming element initiates her flowering, on the sixth week of vegetation. This strain can produce outstandingly abundant harvest even when grown by amateurs at home.

Super Skunk Automatic demonstrates stable growth and develops beautiful buds. The plant is short and sturdy. She develops solid buds smothered in resin. The powerful sense of high is usually accompanied by long-lasting bodily stone.

White Label’s latest adaptation of Super Skunk is one of the most powerful auto-blooming feminized strains of hemp ever.


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