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Updated on August 15, 2016

Hii everyone . I feel extremely happy and proud to write about the issue that's going on with everyone in today's world. Well that is being self conscious about physical appearance and body shaming ,  why do people consider having the perfect shape and to be in perfect size very important . Well that's for two main reasons - peer pressure and social media hype. According to me having the correct weight and height is important but that doesn't mean we start feeling low and desperate about ourselves. It's not about going to the extremes of whatever height it may be to look good. I have seen many following extreme diets to even taking some tablets advertised in the net to lose weight. Well that's not the way to reduce weight and that's not going to make us gain anything worthwhile. We can have a good body by taking small meals every 2 hours per day which is healthy and fits into our usual food style. Exercise is also important and it can vary from regular situps  to jogging . It's not the must we should reduce weight only by hitting the gym or doing some hard-core Pilates , zumba  workout . Well the most important of all these is to have the right attitude and self image about ourselves , never feel letdown by what others say about us  and our  physical appearance  . So everyone enjoy your day,  think about what I am sharing with you and always feel good about yourself.


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