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Updated on May 6, 2011


Let me say at the outset that I intend this to be short and, hopefully sweet.

I suffer from time to time with what is often termed hay fever. Yet, I do not suffer from it at the same time as my step son who has the same symptoms.

We both get stuffed heads, runny noses, sore and itchy eyes and violent bursts of sneezing that are impossible to deal with. The onlt thing that makes things worse is my wife telling me to stop! Does she not realise I would if I could?

Yesterday was terrible for me, as all the symptoms lasted, together all day long. Last night we had a violent thunderstorm and this morning I am fine. So why and why did my step son, living here suffer yesterday?


We have both tried every treatment thrown at us by the medical profession including the non-drowsy, hay fever and allergy relief pills that work for him and not me.

Now I am going to consider the natural treatment plan you will find in the link below. If it works I shall be both happy and angry beause I should have done it years ago and saved on prescription charges.

Maybe you have a story that relates here and found at last something that ridded you of this, admittedly, occasional but debilitating condition. Please comment on the link below as I will be grateful for any assistance to rid me of this curse. Hopefully, the Natural cure will do for me as for others, but I will back any and all ways available. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


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