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Updated on December 16, 2009

Understanding depression is a subject most people don't want to discuss. But when someone was hit by this condition, this was the time he started to look a way and wanted to know more about the cause and how it can be prevented. This information will be his basis to detect the early signs of abnormality in the activity of the mind. This symptoms may include: loss of appetite to eat, sleep pattern is different, mood changes, has a hard time concentrating, reduction in his desire to do certain activity, feeling sickly as if losing an energy, no interest or any pleasure in whatever he wanted to do.

A man in this stage is under an emotional state of depression. He has that feeling of despair. He is easily discourage if in failure. He seldom happy and have an awkward behavior. The risk level of depression is when he now attempt to do harm on himself and always have a suicidal tendencies.

He was a very emotional person. He felt he was hopeless and worthless. He easily discouraged and temperamental. The mood changes every now and then.

Cecille was my childhood friend. I knew her every part of her life. She was lively and full of hope. She can find a way to let others laugh at her jokes. We lived in the same place as neighbors. She had many friends and they liked her.

This drama started when we were in our high school years. She fall in love for the first time to a man, her schoolmate deeply as if her boyfriend is the only wonderful thing that happened in her life. Her parents did not like him. His behavior did not please them but she always defended him and even defied her parents desire to separate them. Her boyfriend was uneasy in their presence. Her parents were not in good mood seeing him. They both dislike him.

At this point, her boyfriend decided to leave her. It was too painful for Cecille to handle when they separated. She convinced her boyfriend to have patience but he was already determined to end up their relationship. She loved him more than anything else. When she can no longer hold on to her desperation, her body gave way. She quit schooling. Her eyes focus somewhere. She seldom talk. If asked by her parents, she just looked at them without saying any words while tears was flowing from her eyes. She skipped her meals as if she have no longer life left in her. She was in her room most of the time. Her parents now worried about her. They were helpless.

Too much emotion that can no longer bear prompted Cecille to find a way to end her suffering by means of drinking poison. Luckily, it was just so happened that her parents was there at the time when she decided to end her life. She was immediately brought to the nearest hospital and the doctors saved her.

It is not easy to deal to a person having a depression. Sadness control the mind. This attitude should not be ignored. The victims losses her ability to control her action to cope to an emotion that was so severe. When someone have a depression episode, she will not listen to good reason. She only listened what her mind dictated her to do. This attitude is a warning sign that may endanger her life. Parents, other members of the family including close friends can influence this depression to someone who are in pain. They can help each other to ease the pain with their concern and attention. Constant communication is needed to open up all those hidden feeling that if it is not immediately attended can lead to an episode too late to control.


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