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Almond tree leaves: A treatment for Sickle-cell disease

Updated on August 4, 2016

Almond tree leaves is a very good treatment for sickle cell diseases and also has a very good use for everyday maintenance of health.

Almond tree is commonly grown in tropical climes from Indonesia to Indian and mostly in West Africa, we called it ‘Fruit’ in my native country and umbrella tree in some parts due to the nature of the tree; it stands tall and spreads the branches like an umbrella.

It's a natural herb for treating the ailment of sickle cell disease and doesn’t have any side-effect of use. When prepared, it can be taken like a black-tea in the morning and anytime of the day. The edible seed of this tree is called “Almond”, it has a hull around a hard nut, in botanical term its not a nut but drupe, some nut are white while some are like magenta. All these differences doesn't make meaning to the herbal nature of almond tree.

Green almonds
Green almonds | Source
Mandel almonds
Mandel almonds | Source

What is Sickle cell disease?

Sickle cell disease known to be an inherited blood disorder that affects red blood cells, people living with such disease have red blood cells that contains mostly haemoglobin* S, sickle in nature.

This sickle-shape makes it difficult for the cell to pass through the small blood vessels thereby blocking much flow of blow to reach that part of the body, causing the tissue of the body with less blood passage to eventually got damage and this leads to the complications called pain crisis in sickle cell patient.

A child with this disease looks pale all the time; the cells are destroyed rapidly in the body causing anemia, jaundice, formation of gallstones, blockage of blood flow in the blood vessel as earlier mentioned, resulting to acute chest syndrome, abdominal pains, pain in arms, legs and possibly damage to some organs of the body such as spleen, kidney and liver.


The Inheritance pattern:

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Well, I am not a medical doctor to talk about the medical treatments but I have done a lot of research, reading and findings enough to make me one in this aspect of health and as a grown up living testimony, it is an evidence.

Bone marrow transplant offers the only potential cure to sickle cell anemia, but finding a donor is difficult and the procedure has serious risk associated with it, including death. So, the major treatment is aimed at alleviating the crises using the common medications such as the Antibiotics and pain relieving medications.

I don’t know much on other treatments for this disease but what I know that alleviate this disease is what I want to share here.

To my findings, the disease is so common among the developing nation in West Africa and East Africa, affecting up to 3% of birth in some part of the continent and to my surprise this herb grows much in this same part of African nations, though the tree is a species of tree native to the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent and North Africa too.

The possibility of outgrowing the disease is sure with early detection, proper treatments and the living Grace of God; regular crisis can be alleviated or totally forgotten.

Local preparation of Almond tree leave for Sickle cell treatment.

  • Pluck the leaves of almond tree in the quantity you want, the green ones to be precise.

  • Do not sun-dry, place in a cool and dry environment. It can take up to three days or more until it’s properly dried.

  • Wrinkle to powder or blend-dry to powder


Just like black tea anytime any day, 2 tea spoon in a tea cup of hot water, you may leave it for five minutes to settle and if you like you can sieve.

Regular intake of this alleviate severe pain crisis in sickle cell patient.


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