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Updated on December 23, 2011


It was Son Number 2 who labelled me a "FATTIST" in a jocular moment but since then, any time I mention ,however casually the dangers of OBESITY, the rest of the family feel empowered to use the label as a means of dismissing any professionally backed coments or observations I may offer on the subject. I am a fattist, they conclude, and thus can be safely ignored on the subject just like any other sensible person who dares to consider the growth of this scourge to our modern society is likewise treated.

Now my own family and extended family do not have major problems with obesity. None are clinically obese, though we feature some strapping and tall men, women and boys and girls in our ranks. I am a lucky one for I am an ECTOMORF, thus tall, lean and with a body metabolic system that burns off food as rapidly as it enters my system. My sons are more MESOMORFS though both tall, have systems that require them to watch what they eat and drink and the level of excercise they need to take to maintain equilibrium is greater than mine. Resultantly, their offspring are all tall and tend to follow their fathers types as opposed to my own. Happily most of them have developed a passionate interest in some form of sport and, like trees, they are all growing straight and tall. Thus, my primary concern about obesity ,especially in the UK is not family driven.

During my lifetime, which began at the start of the Second World War, I have observed the nation go from austerity in food levels with keen opportunities to exercise naturally to almost gluttony based on a propensity to eat foods that are not at all helpful in maintaining health. The changes in society in the UK which I sketched out in earlier hubs based on what I called "The English Disease" have generally contributed to this. Politicians have presided over the decline of Physical Education and the sell off of Playing Fields to an alarming extent. In my youth we could play in the street, now motor transport makes that impossible. Young people find it ever harder to play physically and more and more sport and recreation becomes institutionalised. There are some benefits in this of course, but learning to play without adult direction and instruction is a vital cog in the wheel and nowadays it is sadly missed. As a result more and more the games children spend their time on are the superbly packaged, magnificently marketed and fully consuming IT products that require no physical activity on the part of the participant. The result is an alarming increase in juvenile obesity which has been allowed to develop unchecked for several decades.

We are now at the point where obese children of 10 /15 years ago are now breeding another generation in their own image. A visit to any Supermarket on a Saturday morning is all that is required to confirm the matter. Blobby father and mother {though often only one parent is around these days}, shuffle up the aisles as equally blobby children block the remainder demanding more fat producing products with every yard of progress. Stand behind them at Checkout and despair that what they consume can only escalate their patently obvious problems. Here is the total manifestation of decadence built on ignorance. It is not rocket science to know that what one eats is fuel for the body as petrol is to the car. Eat too much and as fuel spills from an overflowing tank, so in the body it turns simply to fat.

Notice here I am making a clear distinction between those unfortunate enough to suffer from medical reasons that contribute mainly to their obesity, and to those with acute psychological problems leading to comfort eating and beyond. Those people deserve our best care and treatment but for the others who just cannot be bothered, I have draconian solutions.


In the UK our NHS paid for by those who work,and is under increasing pressure from those who do not, but demand medical care of a high cost. That is fine by me up to the point where they receive dietary and excercise programmes to undertake. At that point for me their clock starts ticking and so after 12 months unless there is demonstrable progress to reducing the problem, then NHS treatment is suspended until the GP is able to record that there has been significant improvements made. At that time normal benefits recommence.

Outside that I offer fiscal penalties also.,For example, at the Airport your cabin bag has to fit into a designated size slot to be allowed. Thus, another slot for humans to be width measured should be on hand. If they overlap, no problem, they need 2 seats, so they pay for 2. Simple but I promise you if extended to other forms of public transport it would have swift effects. The old maxim of "carrot and stick" needs to be applied to kick start a new beginning. It would be wrong to suggest that it should stand alone, but it would provide a firm skeletal support for other elements.

The blame for obesity and many other of our ills in modern society stems from those "trendy lefties of the 1960"s". Trust me Iwas married to one once ! They have got most, if not all ,they wished for and they must shoulder the blame for where we are today. Maybe, in respect of obesity, they may look in the mirror and recognise the problem they have brought upon themselves and others. That is all they can do, for their time of influence is now gone. Trouble is finding those young enough to try to bring the pendelum back to a reasonable point. If things are not addressed soon, it may be too late. The process of evolution could then see humans devoid of legs, as they have no need for ? Obesity is the new scourge and just like the Plagues of bygone days will continue until Society is taken down a better path than it has been since World War Two ended.


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