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Updated on April 23, 2014


Since I began writing Hubs, no subject has provoked more interest than that of relief from ARTHRITIS. This ,of course, mirrors the fact that from cradle to grave, millions of people all over the world suffer from this crippling condition which attacks joints and thus mobility in both young and old alike.


He had seen advertisments trumpeting the benefits to be gained by purchasing insoles for his shoes that had copper inserts. Copper has for long been advanced as a source of pain relief for Arthritis sufferers of course. However, flinching at the price required to purchase the insoles, he came up with a parallel, but much cheaper, idea.

Clearly, it was the copper in the insoles that were the source of promised relief and so he thought of an alternative source for the metal. Research revealed that UK coins prior to 1922, in the lower divisions were made up of PURE Copper. As a result, he pruchased a pair of bog standard insoles for low cost and affixed coins to them before placing in his shoes.

To his great joy, he found speedy relief from his symptoms and publicised the fact to share with others. Coming across this,I was fascinated by the story and the potential it had to give relief to so many. As a child I had seen my maternal grandmother bent almost in two by this distressing condition. Consequently, I wrote my HUB, which now, 2 years or more on, has been read all over the world and as a result, some sufferers have found pain relief for their own condition.

This is an ongoing Hub attracting readers daily which says more perhaps about the condition and the pain it causes, than about my ability to compose. Be that as it may, any help in dealing with this condition is clearly welcomed worldwide. Sadly, there is still no cure for Arthritis but medical science continues and now a new source of pain relief is available. It is more hi-tec than copper coins but sufferers care not from whence it comes, simply wanting relief.


Recent progress has seen a new relief treatment available in the UK on the NHS.


This form of Arthritis affects over 155,000 people in the UK alone. Psoriasis, best described as a skin condition causing red scaly patches is both painful and unsightly. In the UK close on 2 million people suffer from this condition and around 15% of them develop psoriatic arthritis which swells the joints around the areas where the skin patches are found. The arthritis caused in this way is a slow burn taking 10 tears or more to develop after the initial onset of psoriasis.

Classic symptoms of the condition are stiffening in the neck and back regions, swelling in fingers and toes and sometimes total fusing of the bone joints.

The new drug called, CIMIZIA works by attacking a specific molecule which is active in causing inflamation in joints. As such it is an anti tumournecrosis factor drug or TNF for short.It works by sticking on to the molecules causing the problem and as a result stops it from getting into the cells to cause havoc.

The good news about CIMIZIA is that as well retaining its effectiveness for a longer spell of time than prvious drugs, it provides a speedy and effective resonse once injected. As indicated earlier, patients can easily be taught to self administer the drug which is also an important factor for sufferers as it gives both confidence and relif when most needed..

This is indeed a welcome advance in this pain wracked condition and serves to show that research is ongoing. Medical Scientists are confident that, as more becomes known about Arthritis generally, more treatments will evolve. Indeed several are already said to be in the pipeline. This is good news for sufferers, though it must be stressed that, as yet, there is no cure drug on the horizon, though scientists remain focussed on making what will be an amazing break through one day in the future. For now, relief giving drugs like CIMIZIA and/or copper coin treatment provide help to many and will no doubt continue so to do for years yet ahead.


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