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Updated on December 16, 2009

While working in an environment full of dust, suddenly he started coughing, slowly at first then rapidly, wheezing as if gasping for air. Asthma has different causes depending on what trigger the attack and where he is most vulnerable.

An allergy is one factor that an asthma occur due to sensitivity to foreign materials. The condition of our environment and the air we breath already tainted by many pollutants. This become a threat to our health. This pollutants can be found in urban centers, in manufacturing plants and even to some chemicals we used in our home.

The reaction of this chemicals in our body due to pollutants became the stressor of asthmatic condition. Naming a few, this chemical substances can be found in cleaning products (bleach, varnish used in furnitures, air fresheners, etc). Constant inhaling even in a few minutes can start the attack especially those that are very sensitive to chemicals. Most affected were in the janitorial services or persons directly exposed to pollutants either at home or in outside surrounding.

This allergen can strain the airways of the lung (pollen, dust mites, molds, smokes/fumes). The normal breathing of the lungs was affected and asthmatic condition occurred.

The presence of an asthma can easily be detected through shortness of breath, coughing in the early morning or even in the evening. Wheezing was common and there was tightness in the chest due to heavy coughing. This symptoms can be occasional or frequent. The severity of an attack is fatal especially if he is now unable to breath.

When the airways is irritated, swollen or inflamed it is hard for the air to pass to the lung easily. With the presence of chemicals in the body it can start the asthma. This respiratory condition are common to children. Immediate attention should be done at the start of this respiratory condition to eliminate or control the asthma.

How can this be prevented? By the food rich in anti-oxidant. It helped protect the lungs from infection. It decreases the risk of asthma. We have to reduce the use of cleaning materials and spray products and limit constant exposure. Eliminate whatever triggers the asthma. Keep the house clean from dust and other foreign materials. Avoid areas where people are smoking. Inhaling the smoke can start the attack. Always have your medication for asthma ready whenever you go in case of any emergency.. Consult your doctor from early symptoms so that proper medical evaluation is made to determine the degree of its infection. A medicine for this condition can be dispense effectively.

Keep children with asthma from allergen in the environment. The use of inhaler or nebulizer are of great help to allow the muscles in the airways to rest and relax. Stay away from congested population. Using face mask outside the house is advisable, especially those that cannot manage the presence of pollutants in the air. Vehicles smoke is common in the street and a risk for those with asthma.

Develop an action plan. A simple avoidance for this pollutants can reduce the risk. Always know what triggers the attack and keep away from it.

Early prevention is one way of controlling this health condition. Change your lifestyle choices. Avoid foods that can worsen the asthma. Use your personal asthma control most effective in certain circumstances. Avoidance is the only proper way to reduce the hazard to the body. Use this method as your protection. Always do a good personal hygience. This will be your prevention against any instruder that are trying to conquer you.

Long period of treatment can be tiresome. It cannot guarantee to be cured completely but it can be controlled in a certain period of time. Most often it will relapse. This a frustrating condition that need time and money for its prevention.


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