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AT LAST ! A Pill That Relieves Arthritis.

Updated on July 15, 2014

Fishing For A Cure

Worldwide research to seek aid for Arthritic sufferers has been going on for many years in a bid to not only ease the pain factor, but also give back a range of mobility to sufferers. Acute Arthritis can render the victim virtually immobile and destroy chances of leading any sort of reasonable lifestyle.

Recent research in the USA has centred on DIET as a key factor in advancing the disease. As readers of my Hubs will know, I have major concerns about the lemming like way people in the Weat seem hypnotised to hurtle themselves down the steep path to OBESITY. I have long contended that Obesity is the greatest danger to human life as we know it for future years.

Naturally, the 2 key factors to combat Obesity are DIET and EXCERCISE.


Supplementing the diet by what are effectively FISH OILS has given, in tests, profound relief to tested sufferers. A simple 20p pill bought over the pharmacy counter which contains OMEGA 3 fatty acids is showing the way to relief for many.

Beyond that even, changing diets of the afflicted to include foods that also contain Omega 3 and thus increase the level of it in the body is found to be excellently theraputic and over time can see the conition rigourously reduced. Such foods are nuts and seeds containing the beneficial fatty acids and, of course, fish themselves.

Put simply, whilst there is no claim that the condition can be fully eliminated, tests in the laboratory have shown a considerable improvement in the all round health of joints from which springs the pain of Arthritis.

Additional benefits from taking the fatty acids are claimed in the cases of prevention of heart attecks and strokes and are also said to boost brain power as well as contributing children developing behavioural problems. Heady claims indeed but beautiful music to sufferers.

Modern diets it appears contain up to 30 times TOO MUCH Omega 6 and far too little Omega 3

The costs caused by this condition alone, not forgetting the personal pain and anguish of the sufferers, are escalating constantly.


77,000 PEOPLE HERE HAVE HAVE KNEES REPLACED AND 66,000 HIPS REPLACED ANNUALLY. Those figures and costs exemplify just how important it is to continue research into finding the full solution.

For quite a few years now Obesity has been liked as a major factor in developing Arthritis. This new research and the conclusions reached do not remove Obesity from the problem but emphasis more the importance of diet in identifying cause and providing key, cheap and non surgical treatment for sufferers.

It is also worthwhile pointing out that adding fish frequently to the diet can help in weight control and thus the link between Diet and Obesity seems certain to be one which will be probed further in this context.

For the present, arthritic sufferers can do far worse than consult their GP and see if the 20p a day pill can benefit their individual case.

If any reader follows this route, please feel free to send on your finding via a comment to this Hub address. The feedback on the copper coins cure for pain proved very positive and it will be just as interesting to see if this fishy pill provides as much relief in the future.


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