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Updated on September 2, 2011


A Survivor after being diagnosed with Uterus and Ovarian Cancer

It was my decision not to have Chemotherapy or Radiation. [Part2]

I have seen my dear family and friends die from cancer, far too many, believe me. YES I do ask why not me. There is no easy answer, I wish there was. When I was asked to write about this and the choices I made, I didn’t realize how hard it was going to be to put into words what it is that has allowed me to live when others have died. I should not be here, the possibility of three years was all I was given and only if I underwent treatment such as Chemotherapy or radiation. I had five weeks to decide what I was going to do. My decision had to be made by the time I had my post operative visit with my Specialist. It was never going to be an option for me to have any treatment. I had seen too many people die following treatments. My brother had Chemotherapy; I nursed him until his last breath. My friends whose cancer returned with a vengeance after remission, each time worse than before, I watched in horror as they slowly died. Their bodies destroyed.

Please remember these are my thoughts only, medical science will say there is no basis for my decision. I cannot recommend to anyone to choose what I chose. All I am doing is writing what I have been through and what decisions I made when I was diagnosed with cancer.

Just before being discharged my Specialist came to see me to tell me that the large mass that was first detected was only fatty tissue, no cancer cells were found. My lymph glands were all clear, it was decided before the surgery not to remove them because I was a diabetic and my life would not be worth living if they were removed. Providing they were cancer free. Removing them would impair my circulation in my legs. I had already experienced problems with circulation, I use to get blood clots regularly and I also had Deep Vein Thrombosis twice. All this did improve after I had surgery for varicose veins in 1984.

I asked my Specialist if I could have a copy of the pathology report, I needed to read all the results, he agreed. He told me I could ask any questions I needed explanations to. The Oncologist came to visit me the day before my discharge, we had a chat and I told him I was not in favour of any treatments. He insisted I should have what he was suggesting. I am sure he thought my decision not to have treatment was ridiculous to say the least. I kept insisting I was going to be alright, he disagreed strongly, we were going around in circles so in the end I told him to give me his card, write the treatment he was going to do on the back and I will call him if I need him.

To be continued

By Leokadia Durmaj

Copyright © 23rdAugust 2011


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    • profile image

      Leokadia Durmaj 6 years ago

      Thank you Jan for your wonderful comment, Everything in life is a personal choice, no one ever said that the journey will be easy, but we are never alone and we have to have faith, hope and trust and also the wisdom and courage to travel a road yet not proven to many.

      Take care always, Love, Lee

    • profile image

      Jan Henson 6 years ago

      Lee, I am sure your words will give encouragement to others who do not wish to walk the Chemotherapy path...Jan xx

    • profile image

      Leokadia Durmaj 6 years ago

      Thank you Joseph for your wise words. Healing the body through natural products helps to improve the immune system allowing the body to heal itself. We create the perfect environment for our cells to regenerate by the nourishment they receive.

      Take care always, Lee

    • profile image

      Joseph S. Spence, Sr. 6 years ago

      This is just fascinating! I wish if more people would use natural products and stay aways from medications with devastating side effects.

      Blessings always,


    • profile image

      Leokadia Durmaj 6 years ago

      Thank you my dear friends. God bless you and keep you safe. Sending Blessings and love, Lee

      May angels rest beside your door,

      May you hear their voices sing.

      May you feel their loving care for you,

      May you hear their peace bells ring.

      May angels always care for you,

      And not let you trip and fall,

      May they bear you up on angel's wings,

      May they keep you standing tall.

      May they whisper wisdom in your ear,

      May they touch you when you need,

      May they remove from you each trace of fear,

      May they keep you from feeling greed.

      May they fill you with their presence,

      May they show you love untold,

      May they always stand beside you

      And make you ever bold.

      May they teach you what you need to know

      About life here and here-after.

      May they fill you always with their love

      And give you the gift of laughter

    • profile image

      Erich Goller 6 years ago

      I feel it in my heart that you will win the fight Lee, don't put your gloves down.I thank you for all your encouragement for me not to put my gloves down,

      God bless you. Hugs!Erich

    • Daveda Gruber profile image

      Daveda Gruber 6 years ago from Hermitage PA USA

      I will pass these pages along to others. Thank you Lee. Sending you love!

    • poetryalliance profile image

      poetryalliance 6 years ago from Scarborough UK. Puerto De La Cruz Tenerife

      As a spiritualist and healer I applaud your faith , if you put your trust in God he will not let you down... Pat xxx

    • profile image

      Gillian Tindale 6 years ago

      I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like to be diagnosed with cancer, much less the very long journey that one must embark on, and the strength and the courage that is needed to make the hard decisions.

    • profile image

      Ruth Thomas 6 years ago

      Lee, thank you for sharing your story with us. It is courageous and amazing. I am so glad that you are still here!