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Ab Chairs - What are they?

Updated on July 20, 2010

Ab Chairs - What are they?

It’s summer time and everyone is looking for the miracle cure to weight loss and slim or toned abs. The thing is that it takes work and discipline to get amazing abs, however there are tools out there that you can use to help make crunches and ab workouts a bit easier or at least a bit more bearable to do.

In the old days you would have to do crunches and crunches hurt your neck like there is no tomorrow, at least that is why I hate them. I was able to stop the back pain from laying and lifting on a hard floor by using a yoga mat but I never really found a solution to this and I always hated having to lay down to do my crunches and ab workouts. I tried the abrocker that I found on tv a long time ago and my gym actually has/had a few of them. Although rocking forward and having a head support helped, abs were still boring and I hated having my chin hit my chest (I may have been using the abrocker wrong though) so I eventually gave this up as well. The abrocker was effective for me since I could feel my abs getting worked out but I got bored fast. The thing is I still couldn’t watch tv or actually do something to help make working my abs more enjoyable. I guess other people felt the same way I did because lately there have been “revelations” made by different infomercial and as seen on tv companies and they have created ab machines that look like chairs, or at least shaped like a chair.

Ab Chairs have been sort of taking over the ab market from what I can see. It looks like the first ab chair may have been the abrocket. The Abrocket Ab Chair is the blue ab chair that sits on the floor and allows you to start sort of sitting up and then you start by leaning and laying backwards and then to help with the ab workout since many of us are a bit out of shape, and I say that nicely, it helps to ease the difficulty of helping you to sit back up. I actually got to try an AbRocket ab chair and I have to say that I did enjoy using it and it did seem to work for me, but at the same time I still wasn’t able to entertain myself easily while I was working out. I would actually recommend this product but I do have to be honest that although I was tempted to buy it, I never did actually buy myself an ab rocket but I did try it out at a store and at the gym when they had them there. It was a great start to the ab chair abs workout machines. The next ab chair I tried was the newest version of the Ab Doer, it is the AbDoer Twist machine.

The AbDoer Twist machine further helped me to find a way to work my abs while being able to somewhat entertain myself and not have to be on the floor. The thing that I really liked about this machine was that it was like a real chair. I got to sit up so that when I am in between reps I am already almost on my feet, I can watch tv while taking a break in between workouts with the AbDoer Twist and I could also get up easily after finishing. As far as ab chair designs go, the AbDoer Twist is above and beyond my favorite of the ab chairs. Just like the abrocket, it also has rollers on the back which are supposed to massage your back while you workout, but this one is higher off the ground and the AbDoer Twist machine is orange and black instead of the blue AbRocket machine. Unfortunately I still wasn’t sold enough after trying the AbDoer Twist Ab Chair to buy it for myself, it was very tempting though. The main reason is because I think I am just too lazy and really probably don’t want to try to get into shape or to have to think about working out at home.

I love the idea and concept of ab chairs since my biggest pet peeve about doing ab workouts is that they hurt my neck and I hate laying on the ground, but as for me, I think the reason I haven’t bought an ab chair yet is because I want to keep the gym and working out separate from my home life, especially so I don’t feel guilty after eating and make myself workout. Then again maybe it would be good for me.


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