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Ab Doer Twist Review

Updated on May 27, 2012

Ab Doer Twist

Many of you will remember a piece of abdominal exercise equipment called the Ab Doer. This abdominal exercise machine was released in 1997. This piece of equipment was created by a Mr. John Abdo, a respected and well-known weightlifting/fitness coach. When the Ab Doer first came out, there seemed to be infomercials on every channel. Very recently, the creator of the Ab Doer, John Abdo, has released an improved model called the Ab Doer Twist.

The Ab Doer Twist is a redesigned and improved version of the Ab Doer. As the name implies, a twisting motion has been added to the design. Although the Ab Doer Twist is improved, it still has the same goal in mind. That goal is to help tighten and tone your abdominal muscles, but to also provide some comfort in the process.

Ab Doer Twist Review - What makes up the Ab Doer Twist?

The Abdoer Twist is made up of a seat with a comfortable cushion, a flexible column with resistance, a roller on the back part of the machine and ergonomically designed arm bars. The cushion provides a more comfortable experience while performing exercises. This prevents people from getting sore and quitting before they otherwise would have. The flexible column provides resistance to the workouts performed on the Ab Doer Twist. The ergonomically designed arm bars allow easy handling so users can simply concentrate in moving their body and control. The arm bars also prevent pain from developing in the shoulders, back, elbows, or wrists. The massage roller located on your back massages the back muscles while you move. There is not another abdominal exercise machine that can say this.

Ab Doer Twist Review - Easy to Assemble, Easy to Put Away

The Ab Doer Twist is easy to assemble and start using. The Ab Doer Twist can be used by men and women of any fitness type. Because this abdominal exercise machine is so easy to use, I would especially recommend this machine for people that are trying to get back in shape, lose weight, or strengthen their core. This would also be very effective for people that have had injuries in the past and are trying to find an exercise or exercise machine that allows them to focus on working the abdominal muscles without working others. The Abdoer Twist is also easy to store because of how small it is and because of how it can fold to a smaller size.

Ab Doer Twist Review - Workout

The Abdoer Twist works out the abs, obliques, buttocks, hips, and the lower back area. Like any exercise machine, the AB-DOer will NOT do the work for you. There is no magical exercise, exercise machine, or drug that will allow you to sit on your butt or only workout 10 minutes a day and get in shape. Losing weight and obtaining strong core muscles takes determination, persistence, and work. You can get in shape using this product. You just have to USE IT.

Ab Doer Twist Review - Where to Buy

The retail cost of the Ab Doer Twist system is $199.80 and includes free shipping and handling at Thane USA. A set of workout guides, eating plans, and workout DVDs are included with it.  Amazon and Ebay have this machine at a discounted price (as low as $130) and on Amazon you get free shipping.


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