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Ab Ripper X - Can This Give You A Flat Belly?

Updated on July 8, 2014

This Can Help You To Those Abs

Here's what Ab Ripper X will do - and what it won't do. IMHO.

Ab Ripper X is one of the most popular and most talked about workouts in the P90X Extreme Home Fitness workout program.

This short, intense workout consists of eleven exercises that concentrate on the muscle groups that make up the core region. This region consists of the abdominal muscles, the muscles of the lower back, and the obliques.

I've done this workout many times. It is tough and targets the muscle groups listed above.

But will it do the job?

Questions such as, "Does Ab Ripper X really work?" and "Will doing Ab Ripper X give me a six pack?" are frequently asked.

Well, Ab Ripper X works as part of a system.

If you were to just do this 10 minute workout a few times per week and nothing else you would not get the fullest benefits.

Yes, you would get a stronger core. That's great. But you need to follow the nutrition plan that comes along with this exercise program.

In the P90X workouts, the Ab Ripper X workouts are tagged on to the end of full session workouts about 3 times per week.

Other exercise DVDs, such as Yoga X, also strengthen and tone the mid-section and burn calories. In fact, if you want a tight six pack look, proper nutrition is key.

You can strengthen and tone the core muscles as much as you desire, but if they are covered with belly fat you're never going to get the physique you seek.

Gaining the coveted six pack will require you to lower your overall percentage of body fat to low levels. Genetics play a big part in who can achieve this look and who can not. It is best to strive to do as well as you can and consider any the six pack as a bonus.

Here's a Sampling of What You Can Expect With Ab Ripper X

Tony Horton. He's an important part of Ab Ripper X.

Tony is the man. He's the trainer behind all of this.

He's famous. You've probably heard of him.

The thing is, he is really good at motivating you - even via a DVD disk. I've laughed at his corny, irreverent joke even ones I've heard a dozen times before.

He'll get you to put effort into those workouts when you're not motivated and just want to go through the motions. At least that's how it's worked for me. YMMV.

The Eleven Ab Ripper X Exercises

Let's take a look at the exercises that make up Ab Ripper X. I especially like the order of these exercises and how they build upon each other. Check out the video above to see these exercises demonstrated. Most exercises are 25 repetitions each.

  • The first exercise, called In and Outs, has you seated on the floor with legs extended. You pull your knees to the chest and then extend them. Keep the legs raised off the floor. .
  • Next is the Bicycles exercises, You're probably familiar with these. From a seated on the floor position, you circle your feet like you would in pedaling a bike. Do 25 reps forward and then 25 reps backward.
  • Crunchy Frog is just like In and outs except you raise your arms and as you pull your knees in toward your chest you sweep the arms forward in a hugging motion. As the legs straighten back out the arms open wide.
  • The Cross Leg/ Wide Leg Sit Ups can be done with either the legs spread wide apart or crossed. doing these with the legs crossed is the more difficult version.
  • To start Fifer Scissors, you lie flat with the legs on the ground. Keeping the feet flexed raise one leg toward the ceiling. Keep the other hovering just inches off the floor. Switch legs on the count.
  • Hip Rock and Raise is performed by lying flat and opening your hips and placing the bottom of your feet together. The knees should be wide apart. from this position raise the hips and legs toward the ceiling. Pulse up with the hips at the top of the movement. Return to inches above the floor to complete one rep.
  • The Pulse Ups are similar to the Hip Rock and Raise. While lying flat, you lift both straight legs toward the ceiling. Then you lift the legs skyward with the hips pulsing up.
  • Oblique V-Ups are performed on your side. I think of them as sit ups or crunches on the side. You bring your elbow up and try to touch your knees.
  • Leg Climbs are similar to sit ups but you start with one leg bent and one leg straight and pointed upward. You begin the sit up and grasp the straight leg and climb up it with your hands until you reach the toes. Do one side at a time.
  • And to conclude the Ab Ripper X workout, you'll be doing some Mason Twists. To do the Mason Twists, you start seated in an upright position. Lift your legs off the floor and bend them slightly. You clasp your hands together and twist them from side to side while touching the floor on each side and keeping your legs off the floor.

After you have finished with the exercises of Ab Ripper X, Tony takes you through a very brief cool down which included a couple of yoga moves, the Cobra and Child's Pose. If you do this workout in conjunction with the P90X workouts and follow the nutrition guide, you should see results. Just how much results you gain will depend largely on the effort you put into the overall program and your personal physiology.

Here's the new P90X ... P90X3. It's good. It's Quick.

The Nutrition Part. Is It Tough?

Well, it can be. But it's worth it to start seeing the results you want in the mirror and on the scales.

The Nutrition Plan that comes with this program is comprehensive and pretty flexible. Start where you are. Then get better.

You can make step by step changes, can't you?

Awright! Let's get rolling!

Do you have questions or comments about Ab Ripper X or P90X in general? We'd love to hear from you.

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    • Gaarf Rosewell profile image

      Gaarf Rosewell 3 years ago

      Okay. That sounds like a good idea, Mark.

    • FitnessMarkLorie profile image

      FitnessMarkLorie 5 years ago from Longs, SC

      I love a good ab routine, especially when it follows a workout! When my workout program ends, I will show you my results, and we will compare them to p90X.