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Abana Himalaya - An Effective Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine to treat Heart Diseases

Updated on August 28, 2012
Heart Diseases and Cardiovascular Diseases
Heart Diseases and Cardiovascular Diseases

Facts about Heart Diseases and Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD)

Every year the American Heart Association (AHA) along with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention publishes a record on heart diseases and heart problems across the United States of America fraternity. A data published by them for the year 2007 is as below:

  • The overall mortality rate in humans suffering Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) is around 251.2 in 1,00,000 humans.
  • Cardiovascular Diseases accounts for around 33.1% of the total deaths in the United States of America.
  • One in every 2.9 Americans deaths is due to suffering from any or multiple forms of Cardiovascular Diseases.
  • 80% of the United States of America’s population are aware of their medical conditions rotating around Cardiovascular Diseases.
  • 71% of the above uses some or the other form of anti-hypertension medications.

What is the cause of Cardiovascular Diseases and Disorders?

Over the years, doctors, medical practitioner and researches reveal that there are multiple factors influencing the Cardiovascular Diseases or CVD. There are couple of them added due to today’s lifestyle, work environment etc. Some common factors though, are briefly outlined below:

  • Stress – Mental or physical stress attributing to loss of attentiveness and gradually increasing the anxiety and nervousness levels.
  • Food Habits – Diets which comprises of high levels of fats, which in turn builds up high levels of blood cholesterol.
  • Lifestyle – Many of the people who doesn’t encourage in regular exercising owing to short time limits; undue administration of one’s availability towards exercising.
  • Hypertension – Many of the individuals today are prone to hypertension owing to multiple factors like high stress work environment, stressed personal life etc.

All these advocates some or the other way to build up Cardiovascular Diseases.

How can Cardiovascular Diseases be treated?

There are numerous forms of medication available in the market across the globe towards treating a dysfunction in heart or medically unfit heart. Some of them are usually having the ill side effects of nausea, vomiting, articulation etc. However on the contrary, the Ayurveda has medication which is totally natural and doesn’t have any side effects. The benefits of using herbal medication towards healing any form of disease in today’s world are famous as well as fabulous. Himalaya Herbals a renowned brand in the world of Ayurvedic medication has formulated a drug which can fight Cardiovascular Diseases and disorders, and its available in the market under the brand name of Abana.

Abana from Himalaya Herbals
Abana from Himalaya Herbals

What is Abana from Himalaya Herbals?

Abana is made of naturally available herbs in Ayurveda and is a total composure of herbal medication. Some of the components of Abana from Himalaya Herbals are outlined below:

  • Arjuna.
  • Ashvagandha.
  • Badranj boya.
  • Dashamoola.
  • Guduchi.
  • Amalaki.
  • Haritaki.
  • Bhringaraja.
  • Yashti-madhu.
  • Shatavari.
  • • Punarnava.
  • • Guggulu.
  • • Shilajeet.
  • • Mandukaparni.
  • • Shankhapushpi.

What are the benefits of using Abana from Himalaya Herbals?

Abana from Himalaya Herbals is a natural remedy towards healing Cardiovascular Diseases. Abana’s main benefits are as follows:

  • Abana endorses heart health and Cardiovascular functions.
  • Abana helps diminish platelet aggregation.
  • Abana usage helps increase healthy heart powers.
  • Abana reduces high blood cholesterol levels and also helps in maintaining the cholestrol levels.
  • Abana can also be accountable to maintain normal lipid levels and also is excellent in maintaining normal blood pressure and normal blood circulations.

How does Abana from Himalaya Herbals acts towards defending a Cardiovascular Disease?

Abana is worldwide renowned for its anti-Cardiovascular Disease therapy. It works towards benefiting a patient suffering from heart ailments. Abana is composed of above mentioned components which effectively fight against a Cardiovascular disease. Outlined below are the medical terminologies of Abana ingredients’ effectiveness.

  • Arjuna contains Coenzyme Q10 which is renowned in building and strengthening heart muscles and directly protects the heart.
  • Calmint comprises of high levels of terpenoids.
  • Ruby and jade (processed) helps keep the heart palpitations normal.
  • Processed agate has a component called Rasna which has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Processed pearl is considered as effective in aiding respiratory tract infections and also is effective as a cellular regenerator due to the traces of minerals like iron (Fe), calcium (Ca), potassium (K), magnesium (Mg) and aluminium (Al) availability.

Forms of Abana as a medicine and its usage

Abana is worldwide available and due to its non-harming effects its already endorsed by over 2,50,000 doctors across the world. Basic form of Abana, which is available in the market, is as tablets. General guidelines towards taking Abana for curing Cardiovascular diseases is as outlined below:

  • Generally 2-3 tablets, twice daily with warm water.
  • Consult the physician or medical expert before taking in a certain dosage.

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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      ABANA is truely an excellent cardioprotective. I have been taking HIMALAYA ayurvedic medicines since many years. They are major contributors towards my good health.

      I have total faith in ayurvedic products.


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