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Abdoer Twist Review

Updated on May 27, 2012

Ab Doer

You may remember an abdominal exercise machine with the name Ab Doer. It was released in 1997 by Thane USA and was developed by a well-known fitness coach and trainer. The Ab Doer was a hit. The Ab Doer was sold to millions across the world.

Abdoer Twist

In 2009, an updated and improved version of the Ab Doer was released. This new machine was called the Abdoer Twist. The Abdoer Twist is very similar to the Ab Doer in that it is an abdominal exerciser that allows you to workout while you sit. The main difference between the Ab Doer and Ab Doer Twist is the fact that the Ab Doer Twist has an added twisting motion that can be used to better workout the obliques and smaller abdominal muscles that can only be exercised through a torsional motion. What the Abdoer Twist and Ab Doer do have in common is that they both are tools to help you achieve your weight loss and muscle building goals for the abdominal muscles.

Abdoer Twist Review - What is it?

The Abdoer Twist is made of a higher gauge steel. This makes it durable and very good at resisting wear and tear. The Ab Doer Twist comes with contoured arm bars, a upper back roller, a seat cushion, and a flexible column. The ergonomically designed arm bars relieve stress in the elbows, back, shoulders and wrists. The massage roller is located behind the upper back muscles and massages your muscles while you workout. The cushioned seat makes the workout more comfortable. The resistance settings are located underneath the seat cushion. All of the resistance comes from the flexible column. The flexible column allows you to go through a full range of abdominal motion all the while resisting you when you workout.

Abdoer Twist Review - Easy To Assemble, Use, And Put Up

The Ab Doer Twist is easy to assemble, easy to start using, and easy to put away. The Abdoer Twist is very easy to assemble because it has very few parts. It is very difficult for you to lose the parts and takes very little time because there is very little work to do. The Ab Doer Twist is very easy to use because all you have to do is adjust your settings on the machine, pop in the workout tape and begin exercising. The Abdoer Twist is easy to put away because the machine is no bigger than a table chair and if you don't have the room for that; it folds down into a more easily stored shape.

Abdoer Twist Review - In Conclusion

The Ab-doer Twist is a great abdominal exercise machine if you choose to use it.  It will not, however, do the work for you.  The Ab-doer Twist is meant as a tool to help you reach your goals.  You have to set the goals, keep motivated and continue to exercise.  The only way to get any use out of the Ab-doer Twist is to actually use it.

The retail cost of the Ab Doer Twist system is $199.80 and includes free shipping and handling. A set of workout guides, healthy eating plans, and a set of instructional DVDs are included with it.  Amazon and Ebay have this machine at a discounted price and on Amazon you can get free shipping.

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    • CyclingFitness profile image

      Liam Hallam 6 years ago from Nottingham UK

      What's wrong with good old ab crunches? So many of these amazing ab machines seem to be targeted at those that watch too much daytime tv. An ab machine will never remove the layer of fat that covers the great abs that everyone already has (just hiding away)