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Abdominal Exercise Machines

Updated on April 20, 2015

Abdominal Exercise Machines - Amazing Results

An abdominal exerciser can be a very effective aid when trying to tone and strengthen your midsection. Doing consistent exercise can produce some amazing results. The key to long term success using an abdominal exerciser is to actually keep using it. You can't lose motivation and just stop using it. The exerciser won't do the work for you. As long as you use it, an abdominal exerciser can be a great addition to your exercise routine.

Abdominal Exercise Machines - Ab Doer Twist

The Ab Doer Twist is the successor to the Ab Doer abdominal exercise machine. It allows you to perform abdominal exercises from the comfort of a seated position. The Ab Doer Twist is made of a cushioned seat, contoured arm bars, a massaging roller, and a flexible column. The ergonomically designed arm bars prevent stress from forming in your wrists, neck, elbows, and shoulders. The upper back roller massages your back muscles while you workout your abdominal muscles. The seat cushion prevents you from getting sore in your posterior before your abdominal muscles get sore. The resistance knob is located beneath the seat. The flexible column allows you to perform a full range of abdominal exercises. The Abdoer Twist comes with an instructional DVD and three progressive workout DVDs: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

The reviews for this abdominal exercise are good. The negative reviews for the Ab Doer Twist all focus around the fact that you have to purchase any additional resistance rods if the default rods aren't enough.

Abdominal Exercise Machines - Ab Circle Pro

To use the Ab Circle Pro machine you kneel down unto the knee pads. The Ab Circle Pro works your core muscles with its full range of motion. Like the Ab Doer Twist, the Ab Circle Pro uses a twisting motion to tone your abdominal muscles. The product is made of steel and the Ab Circle Pro has three different resistance levels. The Ab Circle Pro made for people of all fitness levels. The Ab Circle Pro comes with a 3-Minute express workout DVD and a "lose your love handles" nutritional guide.

Most reviews are good in regards to the Ab Circle Pro. However, the worst reviews for this product are because a part of the machine has cracked, or the paint has begun to peel off.

Abdominal Exercise Machines - Ab Rocket Trainer

The Ab Rocket Ab Trainer has rollers attached to lateral bars that run along your back. The back is made of steel and massaging cushions. The Ab Rocket Trainer allows you to perform a crunch, but with support for your back and neck. The Ab Rocket Trainer adds resistance adds resistance to the basic crunch, making it a more effective exercise compared to traditional ab exercises. The Ab Rocket Trainer comes with three resistance levels and is for all fitness levels. The trainer comes with a meal plan and an instructional DVD.

The biggest complaint with this product is that it is not much better than just doing crunches.

Abdominal Exercise Machines - In Conclusion

All of these ab exercise machines add resistance to abdominal exercises. All of these exercise machines are effective if you commit to using them. If you are interested in buying any of these products please make sure that you are committed to investing in one of these products.


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