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Breast Cancer

Updated on June 22, 2016

Rationale for Breast Examination

Breast cancer screening campaigns have been rolled out to various communities and societies. The initiative aims at creating awareness about breast cancer, how it can be detected early and how its management can be commenced at an early stage. Routine screening is therefore encouraged among all ages of women to enhance awareness and knowledge on better ways of preventing the condition. However, frequent testing has also been criticized as exposure to dangerous radiation that may injure the cells of the individuals

Termination of pregnancy

Various people have different notions concerning human developments. Some people view the development of the fetus as a step-by-step process where at a certain point; the fetus is not entirely grown. Moreover, they say that at the initial stages of fetal developments, the fetus does not resemble human beings and may not be termed as a person. The fact that the fetus may not be fully grown from the time of conception to a few weeks later does not guarantee interference with the fetal development. Despite certain indications that approve the medically solicited abortions, abortion should not be practiced as it interferes with the moral aspects of humanity

On the moral basis, abortion is considered impermissible. It remains one idea that renders killing of the unborn children. This notion is widely protested while in some nations, it is practiced under recommended protocols. Fetuses develop gradually but faster. The appearance of human beings is usually propagated as soon as the tenth-week pos-conception. The resultant fetus after ten weeks assumes the appearance of a grown person making abortion imitates killing of an adult.

What is your take on this?

Facts About Teen Pregnancies

Teen pregnancy is on the rise in the developing and developed nations. Countries like the United States have recorded a high rate of teenage pregnancy. A survey done in 2006 showed that approximately 750,000 teenagers aged 15-19 years become pregnant each year.

Teen Pregnancy

Students who drop out of school in their teenage years are more likely to get pregnant than their fellow teenagers who are in school....

Prevention of Teen Pregnancies

The first approach is the use of Birth Controls. Earlier own it was recorded that at puberty, teenagers tend to have high sexual activity due to the changes in their bodies which are ignited by hormonal changes. At the age of 12-19 children usually have an urge to have sex. Due to the high sexual activity it might be difficult for them to abstain and thus, it is wise to allow them to have sex but use protection or birth controls. Birth controls are defined as methods or drugs used to prevent pregnancies. Birth controls can either hormonal or barrier. Studies done in the United States showed that the rate of teen pregnancy had dropped compared to 1990 results. Statistics show that of the 60% teenagers who have had sex more than 50% had used contraceptives. There are several types of contraceptives that can be utilized by the youth to prevent unwanted pregnancies, for example, hormonal contraceptive batch, condoms and barrier methods. Studies have shown that when such methods are advocated the rate of teen pregnancies reduces. When teenagers are taught about birth controls they learn to be more responsible and thus unwanted pregnancies are prevented.

Apart from the use of birth controls, abstinence can also be used. According to research, abstinence is the surest way to prevent teenage pregnancies. Abstinence involves not engaging in sex at all. Most of the parents and elders in the society are advising their children to abstain from sex. Studies show that 95% of parents and approximately 85% of teenager advocate for this method. Abstinence programs have been introduced in communities through education and family programs. These programs have also been undertaken by the federal government and most adverts on it are being aired. Studies show that these programs have helped a lot to reduce teen pregnancies. However, not many people advocate for it because they see teens as sexually active and hence they should be taught about contraceptives. Studies done in the United States showed that call for abstinence alone cannot manage to reduce the rate of pregnancy among teenagers thus other methods like sex educations and sensitization programs need to be put in place.

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