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Abortion: Should We Legalize or Criminalize?

Updated on February 24, 2012

Abortion: Legal Right, Immoral Practice, Or Social Indifference?

I have gone and done it, I have opened Pandora's Box and mentioned the word abortion. I thought of many topics to write about, but abortion seemed the least likely since I am a man and since I can see both sides of the issue. I will both promote and defend this topic and at the end will make it a goal to decide since I have been on the fence for so long. The questions raised are if abortion is murder, if abortion is a mode of convenience for birth control or population control, or if abortion is an effective way to treat specific types of pregnancies which would otherwise result in a dangerous medical condition.

Let's Start At the Conception

I would say to anyone, the best way to avoid the issue of abortion is to not have sex. Abstinence is a 99.99% chance not to result in a pregnancy issue, with the exception being the Immaculate Conception. Not having sex is difficult for most people because of urges, sexual health, and the good feelings they produce. Sex is also important in a relationship as a demonstration of intimacy and a reflection of feelings. Our society in the United States was founded on Christian values, so bottom line, is sex out of wedlock considered a sin? It is the belief of the Christian dogma fornication is a sin. Fornication is the consensual sexual relationship between two people who are not married to one another. So, the best way for us as a society to prevent, delay or eliminate abortion issues is to teach our children morality and to not have sex before marriage.

What If I wish to Fornicate?

Since we live in a society of freedom and rights, you have the right to fornicate at your discretion. You find a mate, you care enough for to have coitus, whether it is for lust or for love, and you do not use any method of birth control. By applying this method of coitus without birth control, you are allowing the probability of the chance of getting pregnant to the odds being for pregnant and bringing a child(ren) into world. Using an objective eye, I would say, entering the world of fornication is dangerous and being a willing participant, you must accept the consequences of your actions. I could use an example of the older generation example of a couple, upon finding out they are pregnant, they get married to prevent the woman from cultural shame of being a single parent, but we protect and revere our single parents nowadays, so the point of morality of having a child out of wedlock is moot. Our society not only advocates fornication through media, winks, and punchlines, but applauds the participants as a type of coming-of-age achievement.

Abortion Should Be Legal?

Abortion is legal in all 50 states since 1973 after the legal case of Roe vs Wade made it a choice a person has to terminate a pregnancy within the first trimester of conception (the first three months of being pregnant) . So, abortion is legal, medical insurance pays for some abortions and some abortion clinics do not accept medical insurance. Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organization which promotes safe sexual practices, they give out condoms and give counseling to people both pregnant or not pregnant on the dynamics of coitus and its repercussions. Since there is a separation of church and state, the government may impose their own morality as a law to protect its citizens. Considering children in the womb are not register voters, their rights are unheard.

What Happens If I Am Pregnant?

I have always heard parents consider the sexual health talk they have with their children as "the birds and the bees," which is inaccurate since neither birds nor bees has sex for pleasure. As I understand the saying comes from American naturalist John Burroughs; In 1875, he published a set of essays entitled 'Birds and Bees, Sharp Eyes and other Papers' which was meant to convey topics to children describing the essence of nature and its workings in the world. I believe the talk should be called "the Dos and the Don'ts" which modern day children may better understand the concepts.

A man and a woman have coitus without a condom and without a woman using any method of birth control. The man ejaculates semen into the vaginal canal, semen are living organisms which carry DNA and chromosomes of the carrier. Semen have a flagella which is a tail with allows them to swim into the canal and look for a location to thrive, which is in a woman's egg. There are millions of sperm, some living and some not living ejaculated into the vaginal canal and head for the woman's egg. Once the sperm/semen reach the egg, they attempt to penetrate the membrane of the egg, and if successful, the semen enters and will survive, the others will die off, having no other place to live, die in the canal and leak out. The sperm inside the egg is the creation of a child(ren) The woman is now pregnant.

Now the argument starts about abortion, since the sperm is alive and growing in the egg, is it considered a life? Yes, by all definitions, life begins when the sperm enters the egg because the sperm is alive and can only live within the egg. The main argument with Roe vs Wade is the living sperm is not considered human until after the third month because the sperm grows into a fetus, which is considered human. The first two weeks, the sperm is surviving, then the third week the sperm is fertilizing, which means the sperm and egg grow together and join the 46 chromosomes of a human, 23 from each parent. The sperm is now a zygote and starts to divide cells rapidly into developing all of the parents traits. During this time forward, the zygote is protected and nourished by the female's outer cells, which become membranes.

Until the fourth month, the sperm is now a embryo and arrives in the uterus. In the sixth week, the child has a heart and blood begins to pump the child's heart and facial features begin to form. Arms and legs begin to appear and the child is in a "C" position, or the fetal position. Within the first 12 weeks of conception the child develops all of the following features: A brain, a heart, arms and legs, fingers and toes, fingernails and toenails, a face, and genitals. So by all scientific definitions, within the first two weeks of a pregnancy, the child is a human. An abortion after the first two weeks would be killing a human by all scientific definitions.

Why Do People Get Abortions?

I have read all the statistics about why someone would get an abortion and I believe it would be reckless to document, because abortion on a macro level is poorly categorized since it is legal. The reasons for an abortion given are: because they cannot afford a child, because they do not want a child, because they are too young to have a child (their personal belief because scientifically they are not too young by virtue of being pregnant), because the relationship did not work out, because of convenience; such as being in school, or job considerations or by current situations the person finds themselves in and a child would interfere, and a small minority of pregnancies are from rape or an incestuous relationship.

What Should Society Do?

Before writing this article, I remained indifferent to the subject of abortion because I am a man, because I was not aware of the development of a child, and I should not concern myself with trying to set society on a moral pathway. I have been swayed to believe abortion is in fact killing of a human life, regardless which stage/trimester of pregnancy. So is the murder justified by standard practices of society? In the Bible, many people misquote the Book of Leviticus as "An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, and use the phrase as a means to justify their deeds. Society puts people to death after they are tried in a legal court and found to be a danger to society and believed to be judged unable to be rehabilitated due to the heinous nature of their crime(s).

Since it has been scientifically proven sperm is alive during conception and a human form is developed within the first two weeks of conception, abortion is in fact murder by legal standards because the child has not committed a crime, but society allows an abortion as a remedy for convenience and for choice, without proper medical reasoning. Rape and incestuous situations should be considered based on an individual circumstance and not as a legal defference. To kill those who engage in abortion is also wrong and the people who engage in such practices are more heinous, because premeditation of murder is wrong, illegal, and immoral. Killing of a person who practices abortion does not solve the problem, but damages the cause of protecting morality. Murder is not a just cause as a solution to promote morality.

In conclusion, as a Christian I find abortion wrong because it is the murdering of a life without justification or provocation. As a member of society, I like to believe I remain open-minded to each individual situation, and think people should have a choice of what they do with their bodies, such as freedoms of religion, and freedoms of speech. As with every problem, there needs to be a solution, the solution is not to have sex until you are married, use contraceptives, and establish a control over your body. Educate your children on the proper venues for a relationship, the cause and effect of coitus. If you choose to engage in fornication, use methods of birth control, if not accept the consequences of your actions and allow a child a chance to live.


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    • Mikeroper43 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @dw10 Thank you for your comments. I did serve in the military and am a veteran of Iraq and Panama. All of these comments are truly thought provoking. I took this issue and researched it without any prejusice because being male, I will not be in a position to make a decision for my body in such a manner. In a democratic nation, I enjoy freedoms such as speech and inalienable rights, thus, writing such an article has allowed my thoughts to be clearly illustrated without debate.

      I may also add I am a Christian and abortion, murder and deception are illustrated in the Bible. Using the Bible as guide to live my life is difficult to remove things which do not apply to modern day applications, but does serve as a "golden rule" for moral living. If anything I have learned well in my vast experiences, is people like to justify their actions. If you are pious, the Bible is your measuring stick, if your are cultured, classic novels are your vice, if you profess to be intelligent, universities are filled with novel ideas and hypothesis. I seek the truth, I seek meaning, I seek to fulfill my destiny on this world. Love me or hate me, I exist so follow me those who seek truth with an open mind. Those who are nay-sayers and close minded, you are missing a beautiful world, open a window and smell the fresh air of freedom. You are only here for a season, no one gets out of here alive.

    • profile image


      6 years ago


      I found this article well researched and written.It looks like you are or were in the military and I want to thank you; people like you are the ones that allow people to live in a free country. With that said... we do have freedom of choice therefore as of now its legal despite it maybe considered immoral in some eyes. I enjoyed your article... I would love to read other things you have written.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Very good comments!!! Taking out the religious aspect out the issue and since the child is not really a human until after the 2nd week, the other variances come into question. We cannot legalize morality, we can only be true to ourselves and protect others. If we make abortion illegal, we make criminals not solve the problem. Leaving abortion as a legal issue and letting the people making the individual choice is he best course of action. I have a young daughter and my plan is to counsel her to not put herself in the position to make that decision, but things have changed, I accept things, but not like everything I accept. I love all these comments, they are thought provoking and give points of view I have never experienced. I set out to make a choice about abortion and I am not sure if I am better off than when I started.

    • beadreamer247 profile image


      6 years ago from Zephyrhills, FL

      Yes, indeed a topic that will NEVER end. For one simple reason: there are too many different perspectives involved, too many different reasons, too many different environmental and political issues etc....and we are making it more complicated every day it is being addressed.

      First of all, for me personally abortion would never be an option unless the pregnancy endangers my own life. Is that still considered murder?? Do you really think someone gets pregnant knowing it would endanger her life? Very unlikely - usually this surfaces once she is pregnant.

      Second, you see it from the religious perspective - not everyone sees it from that perspective and can relate to it. Still some deny the claim that the sperm is alive and don't consider it life. They have a right to feel that way. We all have a right to feel and think the way we do - we cannot justify over how others think and feel.

      Should the government be involved in this? I am not really sure about it. This is a topic that affects the individual pregnant woman, not a government and all other people around her, far less the rest of the country. It is a very personal choice and I am sure there is hardly any woman who makes this decision light headed. Many of them are haunted for years and have emotional issues....yet, they feel it was the right decision for them. Do you want to judge them that it was not? How? Are you in their shoes and their personal situation?

      See, where the complexity comes to daylight? There are so many different individual situations involved why a woman makes this tough decision to abort their unborn child. And I don't even believe when a teenager gets pregnant, that she will not suffer and just see it as a light headed quick-fix solution.

      The fact that many young woman are left on their own once they are pregnant does not help the facts and dilemma. Imagine the 15 yr old girl, still in High School, no job no future, maybe not even support from their own parents? do you really think this girl can handle a baby on her own - herself still half a child?

      Yes, she could opt for adoption. Do you think that is easier? Once you have given birth and carried the child with you, went through and the high and low of pregnancy just to give this growing child away? How many who gave their child away right after birth have the desire to know how the child is doing and never forget about that child....we read about such stories all the time.

      You addressed the topic as a man and I appreciate your thoughts, but how many stand behind the woman who got pregnant? How many men walk away from the pregnant girl friend? They have an easy way out....just walk away....She cannot walk away, it is inside her!

      I believe the decision of abortion should not be so much a political issue, but a very personal. The choice should not be made easy, but you cannot completely make it illegal, because that would be wrong as well. God has given us the right to choose and we cannot judge over the decisions others make - only God can. We need more understanding and knowledge before we judge.

      I am overall against abortion, but understand that there are situations when it might be the right decision and I cannot judge that, because I am not in the situation of the individual who has to make the tough decision, far less I NEVER ever want to be the one who has to make such a decision.

      The teens nowadays are more educated about sex than you would think. Those times of uneducated young girls and boys are more past than future, while there still might be a few. But while they don't talk about it with their parents, there is plenty of education they get through the internet and believe me they know more about sex than we ever knew 20 yrs ago....

      The parents warning, not to fool around falls on deaf ears and makes things worse. They will do it in secret....Parents should rather accept the fact that they have sex at younger age and accept it, but provide support to protect themselves - this needs to change. Tell them and allow them to spend nights together, but offer them the pill and condoms. It is no longer a forbidden thing and the big thrill is gone, while the excitement of course is still there. But remember, everything that is forbidden - is even more interesting for the young generations!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Interesting Hub, very touchy subject.

      I have never had an abortion. It was never a question for me personally.

      However, I know, you cannot stop abortion! Legal or not it is a practice that will exist and always has. The legality of it makes it possible for a woman to have a medical procedure with a competent doctor instead of going to a back alley with a butcher which will be the only choice for poor women once again.

      Women with means will always find a doctor to perform an abortion or travel to a place that makes them available.

      I do find that having a child no matter what is wrong. Daily I see them begging for foster home parents, adoptive parents and money for the millions of children already here. We don’t even make a dent in helping those children and on this planet thousand die every day, where is our concern for them? Shouldn’t they be our priority?

    • gymnastevan profile image


      6 years ago

      Abortion is murder. That really can't be denied. Saying that a woman has the choice what to do with her body, completely ignores that there will be a innocent child losing any future life they would have had. So a woman may have the choice what to do with her body, but her body isn't the only person involved. Also, something shouldn't be legalized because people will do it anyways. If abortion was illegal, sure, many woman would try to do it anyway, but it will be saving many lives. It is healthier for a woman to have the baby, than to get an abortion. If there is a girl who cannot raise a child, she should consider adoption. It will be healthier emotionally and physically for her, and it will save a life, as well as provide a child to a couple who cannot have their own.

    • profile image

      Peelander Gally 

      6 years ago

      No, really, guys under 25 (which I'm assuming is the age in question) don't stick around after they get girls pregnant. That's not a newsflash or a "blanket declaration".

      And sex is a commonly accepted practice and lauded as a coming of age (insert noun) no matter where you are, the primary function of every living organism is to reproduce. Citizens of wealthy and decadent societies probably have less sex than those in desperately poor ones in which girls are married off as young as 6 and more often as young as 12 or 14, if you think about it.

      Thinking that volunteering with at-risk youth won't make an impact on abortion is just laughable. Do you really think the poor 15 year old Mexican American girl waiting anxiously at the free clinic is making a decision of education and substance? There's an obvious statistical correlation between education and the age at which a woman chooses to have children, and how many she is likely to have.

      And I said that "a lot of the Bible" doesn't make sense, and I'm sure my cousin, who is a college-educated ordained minister, would agree with me. We often talk about how it's interpreted and the dangers of attempting to interpret it literally, though I'm pleased to read that you don't believe the Old Testament has any bearing on this day and age, because it doesn't. And as I don't intend to kill myself or anything in the foreseeable future, I can't see how reading the Bible in its entirety would save my life, as much as I'd like to attempt to do so.

      I straight up agreed that abortion is technically murder, but my point is that there's nothing you can do about it. Making it difficult to obtain or illegal is inhumane, dangerous and archaic, as history has proven too many times. The lives of healthy, productive members of society are more important than those of unwanted pregnancies. I don't see how concern for the poor and the health of women makes me indifferent; quite the contrary, actually. I also can't help but think that people who are so vehement about repressing sexuality in others simply aren't comfortable with their own.

      And as far as the bit about media censuring and government conspiracy theories is concerned, there is absolutely no media in the world that is not censored and filtered according to the whims of those with the money and power and no government that hasn't killed an elected official who was perceived as a threat to their establishment.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      @Peelander: 1. Not having sex is the best way to not get pregnant was my point, as a culture of decadence, sexuality is a commonly accepted practice, and lauded as a coming of age if you view my closing statements. Throwing out blanket declarations as men do not stick around and the Bible does not make sense are declarations of ignorance, rather principles of a competent argument. The points of adulters, psychics and blashphemers being stoned is not relevant because those crimes were from the Old Testament. A culture of Israel in the first century and beyond, not common practices for over 2000 years which have no bearing on abortion in 2012.

      Ignoring murder is tantamount as censurship of the media, the government killing of JFK, the World Trade Center destruction; all examples of devestation and mirrors of a society gone rouge with the truth and with justice. Your argument is unsound, ungrounded, and illustrates a society of indifference. I sincerely doubt working with underpriviledged children or low income families will make an impact on abortion since the majority of abortions are those of education and substance. I challenge you to re-read the essay objectively and understand my points are that of abotion being murder, regardless of the circumstances, regardless of personal feelings, regardless of convenience. Since abortion is legal, it will continue until our society takes hold of more structured values, and upstanding morals. Regarding the Bible, I suggest you read the entire Bible and understand its cultural references and its moral character, it will save your life.

    • profile image

      Peelander Gally 

      6 years ago

      While your solutions of education and contraception are of course valid and important, and accepting responsibility for the creation of a life is the least someone can do, there are many parts of your argument that are not realistically applicable to the lives of most people or that lack insight.

      1. Not having sex before marriage is a ridiculous notion; while by far not the most important aspect of a relationship, sexuality is an important part of finding out whether or not you're compatible with someone. People need time to discover their own sexual identities and preferences.

      2. Not being able to afford a child or being too young to have one are more than valid reasons to have an abortion. Perhaps they seem trivial to you, but that's because you can't know what it's like, and statistically, most men don't stay around to raise kids anyway. Once a woman decides to have a baby, her life is no longer her own. All of her time, energy and resources are directed at the child's priorities. Of course it's her own fault for getting pregnant, but if she recognises that she has not enough education or skill even to support herself well by working, it's not unfair to acknowledge that attempting to raise a child on an insufficient income and with no time for it is not the smartest decision she could make. Don't forget that women still make less than men, too. The income ratio in the U.S. is not even that much better than it is in third world countries like Uruguay. And that's pretty sad.

      3. If you're going to try to live by the Bible verbatim, don't forget that adulterers, blasphemers and psychics must also be stoned to death. A lot of the Bible doesn't even make sense, you can't just pick and choose to use what you like to justify how everyone lives.

      4. In the end, the fact that some people consider abortion to be murder is irrelevant. Sure, it is technically murder, I agree, but outlawing it is not something that's ever going to happen in a wealthy industrialised nation. Women will continue to get abortions by any means necessary, and making it more difficult or even illegal will result in women bleeding out on the floors of gas station bathrooms or in the basements of crackpot doctors, rendering themselves infertile, killing themselves or doing all kinds of other irreversible damage. And that's exactly what has happened, during the Ceau?escu regime in Romania for example. Providing clean, safe facilities for this and any other medical procedure is essential. And anyway, women who have abortions and miscarriages already feel awful enough as it is. The physical and hormonal changes literally make them feel terrible, often the emotional scars never completely heal, and sometimes irreversible physical harm is done regardless of how it happened.

      So it all comes full circle: the best you can do is provide education and contraception. There's no point in getting all riled up over it; no one can dictate to women what they are allowed to do with their bodies. Maybe if the survival of the human race depends on reproduction one day laws that dictate such things will be valid, but I doubt that will happen any time soon.

      I personally think that the best solution for people who are adamant about preventing abortions is to volunteer with troubled, low-income, underprivileged youth.

    • Beth Pipe profile image

      Beth Pipe 

      6 years ago from Cumbria, UK

      Top marks for tackling such a touchy subject. As a society we seem to avoid these subjects for fear of causing offence, but how on earth do you truly explore issues without healthy, respectful, debate? Great hub!

    • alisha4u profile image


      6 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Abortion is undoubtedly should be treated the way it is supposed to be... Thanks or bringing this up !

    • tsmog profile image

      Tim Mitchell 

      6 years ago from Escondido, CA

      A very 'touchy' subject, indeed. Some passing thoughts from past experience are:

      When one studies abortion historically new doors of perception may open. Glancing just at the Wikipedia treatise we discover "The first recorded evidence of induced abortion, is from the Egyptian Ebers Papyrus in 1550 BCE."

      Discussions on the definition of/for life opens more doors as well. Philosophically do we define 'life' with rational thought or empirical thought. If it is rational one may say life may actually begin with the casual discussion sitting at the dinner table, on the beach, laying in bed, etc making the decision to conceive. Just a thought.

      Theologically, not wanting to offend, but who says Christian ideology is correct. Viewing from a distant perspective of evangelical thought the relationship with God is personal. Besides, the argument of predestination (Ephesians 1:11) held by many Christian ideologies throws a shadow on the subject, from my perspective.

      I agree with Kathleen's statement "The debate over abortion will end when it can be done in the privacy of our own homes and no longer allows one person to sit in judgement of another," which, in my view, means it is legal for the event to occur. And, then the debate will be masked to the public and only where/when that occurs.

      As alluded to earlier from the historical perspective, abortion does occur. From Pubmed (Linking midwives and abortion in the Progressive Era) "During 1890-1920, physicians, public health workers, and reformers across the US debated the practice of abortion by midwives."

      Ultimately the question of legality is no different in my view than drinking alcohol. They tried Prohibition and it didn't work within the society as a whole. Legal or illegal it will occur.

      My stance is not the morality of the question, which is a huge question, but the responsibility of choice by both the individual and society while remembering the choice made has both rewards and consequences. The responsibilities of those two are relevant as well regarding again individual and society. (Society meaning all the trappings and benefits of family, friends, cultures, sub-cultures, state rights, and on and on including the World Health Organization)

      A passing thought is as you pointed out in the article education is key, both publicly and privately. The vastness of the discussion would be a monumental undertaking, as history points out vividly, since the discussion is as lengthy as religion or recorded history.

    • jainismus profile image

      Mahaveer Sanglikar 

      6 years ago from Pune, India

      It is an important issue, thank you for writing and sharing. Voted up and shared.

    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 

      6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      I stand corrected. (Although I've heard doctors say the IUD is so effective because even if you do get pregnant with it, it will cause an abortion.) Doesn't really change my point though.

      As for educating our children, there has yet to be a generation more aware of every aspect of sex than this current one. What amazes me is that we expect our children to show more self-restraint than we did. Somehow we think they will be different, have less intense impulses, be less emotional than we were.

      The debate over abortion will end when it can be done in the privacy of our own homes and no longer allows one person to sit in judgement of another. And I long for the day humanity holds a child's life in has high esteem as they do the unborn child.

      You've done a good job here discussing a difficult subject. I recently wrote on this topic myself - also from an objective point of view - or as objective as possible. Would like to get your response. Up and interesting.


    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Thank you for your comments. An IUD prevents sperm from entering the egg and thus prevents the pregnancy process. There are many tragedies in life, there are man predators out there killing innocent women, all good topics, but not relevent to abortion issue of sustaining life. This is a trigger of emotions for everyone, especially female because of the threat of not having control of their own bodies, and a threat of losing their rights. My contention during this essay was to determine if abortion is murder, as we define murder legally and scientifically, and how we can prevent unwanted pregnancies. All men must also be held accountable to each sperm they ejaculate from their bodies, men do not get to avoid responsibility in the pregnancy process, however; it is the woman who must carry the physical burden of the poor decisions if the pregnanciy is unwanted. Taking to the streets in protest of abortion has proven to not be effective and is more intrusive than a completion of an objective. I have never been swayed by an angry mob. Education of our children about the perils of fornications, about pregnancy and sexual health are the most effective way to combat this topic. This situation is not a "bandaid on the finger response" but will need convelensence of the mind and body to change our current abortion situations. No quick fixes, no "deus ex machina," simple individual responsibility, simple micro-accountability for both men and woman will slow down and/or eliminate the need for abortion; I long for that day, I hope to see it in my lifetime.

    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 

      6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      An IUD forces the expulsion of a fertilized egg. Why don't people march in the streets against its use? Because it can be used privately and nobody knows.

      Are the children who aren't here because of the pill, condoms, and every other birth control device any less "not here" than those who are not here because of abortion?

      Worldwide, the biggest threat to a woman's life between the ages of 15 and 50 is the man in her life. When will men who are so concerned about the unborn take to the streets to put a stop to that loss of life?

      Until every man who gets a woman pregnant takes responsibility for the life he has been part of creating, abortion is going to be an option, one way or another, for the woman who can't just turn her back and walk away when a pregnancy occurs like the father can.

    • MojoDawg profile image


      6 years ago from Fort Worth Texas

      Mike, Thanks for this compelling hub on a difficult subject that many disagree on, you have made a good case; yet I believe anything God made between man and woman in woman"s wound it life given my God and only God can take it away. I even go as far as to say if anyone other than God does so, it is unlawful. Thanks for your candid thoughts. Voting up!!!

    • Leah Helensdottr profile image

      Leah Helensdottr 

      6 years ago from Colorado

      Thanks, Mike, for this well-thought-out and well-written article on a very touchy subject. Your point that life exists from the moment a sperm enters the egg is inarguable, since it is a physical fact that all matter is either living or dead, and the sperm and egg are both alive, joining to create a human being in its earliest form. In addition, since there is no possibility that the fertilized egg can grow into anything other than a human being, it cannot accurately be said that it is not human from the first instant.

      I have a number of friends who choose to believe that the fertilized egg is not "yet" human, but none of them can counter the above argument. They just get upset and change the subject. And while I sympathize with their desire to enable women to avoid having to raise an unwanted child, I don't regard that as sufficient justification for killing another human being, however early its stage of development.

      Very good hub, Mike. I voted it up, useful, and interesting.

    • Mikeroper43 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thanks for your comments. There is no judgment, but honest debate.

    • Mikeroper43 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      I had prefaced the essay to reflect the fact I am a man and a decision is made by a woman, regardless if it is with the approval of a man. Fornication is not illegal,but is considered morally wrong by all facets of religious, and cultural beliefs, but is a culturally accepted practice. We as a society hae lost our moral compass and have accepted non-marital relations because we as a society are unable to control it, thus does not make it right, but accepted. Getting an abortion is not a judgment by myself, but is murder by scientifically and legal standards, because it is accepted and believed as a choice due to circumstances is a legal right and a belief we are able to have as persons of a free society, again, I must stae because it is an accepted practice and belief, does not make it morally right.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      The solution is to educate and promote the use of contraceptives. It is a biological impulse to have sex. As well, sex for humans is pleasurable. If it was only for the purposes of pro-creation, why would god have made it so?

      As well, if life begins at conception, does it follow that "spilling the seed" by way of masturbation is wrong?

      I don't mean to be too picky, however, I AM a woman and have strong feelings on this subject. I personally have not had an abortion. I do know a couple people who have had one when they were younger (17). I feel that was the responsible choice at the time. Although, both of these women have gone on to have happy and healthy families, there is not a day that goes by that they do not think of that decision.

      If abortion is a moral wrong to be dealth with on judgment day, it is, in fact, only the woman who has had the abortion to be judged on that day, and NO ONE ELSE. Therefore, the practice should be available to those who might need it. It is NO ONE ELSE's business.

      And one possible said

      "Abortion is legal in all 50 states since 1973 after the legal case of Roe vs Wade made it a choice a person has to terminate a pregnancy"

      I'd like to point out that it is not "a person" but "a woman" who makes this ultimate decision. Honestly, if it was men who had the babies, abortion would be legal and there would be no controversy whatsoever!

      Thanks for letting me vent!


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