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Some Things You Should Know About Allergies

Updated on May 1, 2011

Medical Science has discovered many interesting things about allergy.

If today you tell your doctor that you suffer from asthma, sneezing attacks or itching eyes, one thing he considers is the possibility that you may be allergic – which means that you might be sensitive to some substance which causes no trouble for most people.

In discovering this offending substance (known as allergen) your doctor acts as a detective. He may ask detailed questions about the time of your attacks, where they occur, the furnishings of your home, the food you eat.

Such questions may give him clues to the nature of your trouble. If your attacks come, for instance, in the late spring or summer months and last till the first frosts, he will suspect that your trouble is due to some pollen, that you may have some form of “hay fever”.

In other forms of allergy, it is not so easy to track down the offending substance. If your case is not clear cut, your doctor must consider hundreds of possibilities.

Hay Fever allergies are common in August
Hay Fever allergies are common in August | Source

A few grains of mustard can make some people violently ill. A man can be sensitive to his wife’s face powder, or to dog hair, or grass pollen, or to the cattle hair in the mat under a rug.

Simple skin tests often used to reveal the offending substance. Drops of various extracts – of pollen, foods and other substances – are injected into the skin or put on skin scratches. If you’re sensitive to the substance being tested, a swelling will usually develop within minutes.

Once a doctor has found what causes the allergic reaction – by means of the history of the case supplemented by skin tests – he will prescribe treatment according the your nature of sensitivities.

Alternatively, he may advised you the use of hepa air purifier to treat your indoor air pollution if you have no way of removing the cause of your allegies.

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