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What Everybody Ought to Know About How to Stop Panic Attacks While Driving

Updated on May 16, 2013
How to Stop Panic Attacks While Driving
How to Stop Panic Attacks While Driving

A panic attack in the car is overwhelming and out of control. However, you have more control than you think.

Panic attacks are like feedback loops in your body. If you've ever been to an outdoor concert, you've probably experienced a feedback loop. It goes from a rumbling to a whine, and soon escalates to an ear-punishing shriek. You can't wait for it to stop.

What causes feedback? It's when sound waves are picked up and reamplified exponentially. It's like an avalanche; a few rivulets quickly become a wall of moving snow that obliterates everything in its path. A panic attack is an internal avalanche of fear sweeping through your mind and body.

A panic attack while driving can be a devastating experience. But you can learn to control your panic attacks when you have the right tools. Practiced regularly, the techniques below will show you how to stop and eventually eliminate panic attacks while driving.

New Hub! - The most common triggers for having a panic attack while driving.

How Often Do You Have Panic Attacks While Driving?

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Lengthen Your Exhalations in Order to Calm Down

Become aware of your breathing and gradually slow the speed of your exhalations using this very simple exercise. Use it under any driving conditions to quickly stop panic attacks.

Free Report Shows You How to STOP Panic Attacks While Driving

Get my FREE REPORT, "Fast Fixes for the Top 5 Driving Fears" so you can feel the freedom of being able to drive anywhere, anytime.


How to Stop a Panic Attack in 10 Seconds

This can quickly be applied in any stressful driving situation. The beauty of it is it engages your parasympathetic nervous system. That is your body's built in stress-reduction mechanism.

Note: Only use when your car is not moving.

Observe, Embrace and Demand MORE!

This technique from the Panic Away program stops panic attacks by teaching us how to stop feeding the panic cycle because of our own resistance. The feelings we resist tend to get stronger instead of weaker.

S.T.O.P. & Take a Moment to Be Mindful

Mindfulness means paying attention to the present moment. This may not stop a panic attack while you're driving, but learning to "check in" with yourself during the day will decrease overall tension and the severity of your panic attacks.

S.T.O.P. - A Short Mindfulness Practice

Sprinkle this short practice throughout your day to become more present, reduce stress, and be more effective in your life.

Tap Away Panic Attacks Using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT (a.k.a. Tapping) is a slightly more involved technique, but its ability to reduce panic feelings is really amazing.

I've been using it for several years and finds that it always gives me relief. I even use it to stop panic attacks while driving with the free cheat sheet that I carry with me. Get the cheat sheet and more free tapping videos at


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      Greg Weber 6 years ago from Montana


      I will certainly do that. I really dig the community many interesting topics people write about!

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      Welcome to Hubpages DRIVINGPEACE, there is certainly a lot of information in this hub. You can visit the learning center to see tips and ideas on how to make the most of your hubbing experience so why not do that and enjoy being a part of this writing community.