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About Lai Rupe- Health & Wellness Mentor

Updated on February 2, 2016

"I'VE SPENT MOST OF MY LIFE spending hundreds of dollars on

vitamins, minerals, and "nutritious foods."

When I found that I can get all of my vitamins, minerals, and super foods in ONE delicious drinks, for less than a

Starbucks Coffee,

I knew my "healthy-lifestyle" would change for the better.

Little did I know, it would lead me to change other's lives too!


Hey! My name is Alaina Rupe.

I am a professional dance choreographer and a health and wellness mentor, but I am also just a normal, ordinary person, trying to live each day, just like you.

The best part about my life, is being able to help others live their life to the fullest, being happy & healthy.

When you find something that makes you happy and blesses your life, you share it with those you love, that’s just how it is! So, I want to share something with you that is very meaningful and important to me.

About 6 months ago I was introduced to Zeal For Life.

A friend (who was diagnosed with Lupus,) Introduced Zeal to my mother-in-law, and started drinking Zeal about a year ago. She immediately noticed an immense difference in her muscle aches and pains. It was actually diminishing some of the symptoms Lupus causes her to have. When my mother-in-law, (who introduced me to Zeal,) saw how it had blessed her friend, she was amazed. Then, when she saw all of the natural, healthy ingredients, vitamins, minerals and super foods in Zeal for Life, she wanted to try it; simply to be more healthy.

Within a week, my mother-in-law’s chronic migraines, that she has suffered with most of her adult life, were practically gone. This improved her overall quality of life, increased her health and mood. She was able to become her fun-loving, dancing, energetic self again! When I noticed this incredible change in her, she then shared Zeal with me. See, when you care about someone, you want to do whatever you can to help make them happy too.

Personally, after a month on the product I was feeling so much happier, energetic, focused and healthy! I knew I wanted to share this with all my family and friends. It was amazing!! So I joined the company and started sharing with all the people that I love and care about.


I took that leap of faith and embarked on a journey, wherein I had no idea what my future would hold. Honestly, I am not one for multi-level marketing and pyramid schemes! But, when I learned how great of a company Zurvita is, and that it was founded on one basic principle, to “glorify God,” and bless everyONE with an all-in-one product, I knew it was a company I wanted to be a part of. The formulator, Mark McKnight is from BYU and he worked with Zurvita to ensure that for just $2, anyone could afford to be healthy and happy. They weren’t thinking about making money as much as they were thinking about helping everyone! The founders care about making each person feel like they matter, with an all-in-one, affordable gift; because everyone deserves to be happy & healthy, and YOU really do matter! These principles behind the company, really matter to me, and are part of why I support Zeal for Life products.


Being a part of Zeal for Life has blessed me, not only for my personal development but even more so for changing others’ lives! It’s been so fulfilling and rewarding to help so many people.

This opportunity with Zeal for Life has blessed me in ways I cannot express. For me it has been more than just a product that has helped with my health and well being, but a place where I can build faith and improve lives. This business has given me purpose, meaning, passion, hope, love, and friendship. That is why I am sharing with you!

Together, WE can change lives!

Love Always,

Alaina Marie Rupe



Find out about our "90 Days to a Better YOU" program with Lai Rupe!


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