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About Your Mood and Feeling and Moving Forward Each Day

Updated on November 8, 2011

DFW Teen Voice Prosperous & Thriving Youth "How do you Feel each Day"

Do you get up feeling sluggish , in pain or happy to start your day. When we start a new day we don't know the challenge that we are going to meet that day. I challenge you now to keep moving forward to your future.

Whenever you are slugglish or in pain keep fighting the good fight of faith from within. You will draw out of you a deeper drive and will to accomplish that which you have planned, goals, and purpose in front of you. This concept has kept me alive through several illness. By waking up with a positive thought and a will to live. Don't allow your mind to think about you are not being worthy to live. EX. If you need to see a doctor visit a doctor if your illness needs treated.

Although, in your mind keep up with thoughts of "I will press through whatever block . A negative thought that comes to stop your purpose and possibly your will to live. I say this because some people get in such a slump mentally and never come out. I have been this ill but i continued to press forward and moved forward in Body, Spirit and Mind.

I am very positive about life and know that the best can come to you. I know with focus, trained thoughts and work your needs, wants and desires do come true. How long will it take? It just depends how long have you been asking, thinking and beliveing without a doubt that you should have what you have ask?

It took Abraham until he was 100 yrs old to get a son and took the Hebrews 40 yrs to cross over to another land. You should know these biblical stories. Lets look at the Women with the issue of blood her healing miracle came immediately, the wedding party received wine immediately because the Mother of Jesus believed and the guest followed instructions and the disciples caught fish immediately because hey followed instructions before the catch they went for days working and didn't catch anything.

So, the question is who do you submit? Do you submit to a higher power then you need to ask for guidance and direction. Now, do you follow instructions? These instructions can be from your Parents, Advisors, Counselors or Professionals in your career. You ,may need a life coach but take heed seek out your answers for a prosperous & thriving life. What you think is for you and obtain by pressing and moving forward with no doubt.

As humans we face obstacles and challenges that we have to step on, step over or step around but keep moving forward is one of the keys to reaching your dreams and goals. Along with being thankful and grateful for what you been given in your life and then you can appreciate the more life given each day.


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    • DFW TEEN VOICE profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Richardson, Texas

      To get started just encourage yourself!


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