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An Introduction To The Acai Berry

Updated on June 29, 2010

For a very long time, the acai berry was known to only the people who lived in the Amazon region. It is a fruit that only grows there and perhaps it was one of the area's well-kept secret, with only the folks there knowing what wonderful properties it possessed. It's only since there's been a lot more information on acai berry coming and going from that region that the secret has slowly permeated out of its area to farther lands as more and more people learn about this amazing fruit.

So what is this fruit that everyone is suddenly getting excited about? Basically, it is a berry that is purple-black in colour and it is supposed to be extremely nutrient rich. What is more important, it contains all the vitamins that act as antioxidants in the body – and the acai berry oxidants are better than most other antioxidants. The acai berry palms are found only in the rain forests that abound in the Amazon and Brazil. For centuries probably, the locals plucked and ate this fruit to stay healthy. Today, the local farmers harvest the fruit and freeze the pulp so that it lasts. Today, from being a fruit that was freely plucked and eaten, the natural acai berry has grown to become a popular fruit beyond the shores of the Amazon.

The acai palm grows up to a height of thirty metres and the dark purple fruits are around an inch in diameter. The tree produces two crops in the year. The fruit has a large seed and the pulp is a thin layer around it. The acai berry pulp is mashed and eaten fresh with either salt or sweetened with sugar or honey. In many parts of Brazil, it is eaten with granola or tapioca.

With the spread of communications and technology, there’s little in the world that can be kept a secret for too long and the acai berry fruit that helps to keep people healthy is something that’s bound to make news beyond its boundaries. With so many people trying out so many health foods from various countries around the globe, the acai berry too has taken its place on the world scene as a health food. From being a local healthy fruit, communication has made it a fruit that a lot more people are trying out – and getting hooked onto. All it takes is the enterprising nature of traders to get it in the best possible condition from one place to another.

Today, the fruit is pulped and frozen as soon as possible after harvesting so that the essential nutrients are preserved. It is then sent to different places in this frozen form where it is converted into concentrates or pure acai berry juice. It is in this form that it is sold in many other countries. As there is very little acai berry pulp in each fruit, the acai berry juice tends to be more expensive than most other fruit juices. And of course, it has to travel all the way from the Amazon!


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