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Abs Diet Power Foods and How Tos

Updated on April 1, 2015

Abs Diet Power Foods

Almonds and Other Nuts
Beans and Legumes
Spinach and Other Vegetables

Dairy (low-fat)
Instant Oatmeal
Turkey and Lean Meats

Peanut Butter
Olive Oil
Whole Wheat and Whole Grain
Extra Whey Protein
Raspberries and Other Berries

Basic Diet Guidelines
You are to plan your meals to include as many of the above 'power foods' as possible. They will include at least one to two power foods into lunch, at least two to three power foods for lunch and dinner, and at least two power foods for each snack. The idea is that these foods will keep you feeling full and you will not need other unnecessary, fatty, and sugary foods.

Pros and Cons

I enjoyed the diet for many reasons. Along with this, I found some issues. Below, some examples:

-Keeps you feeling full
-Snacking is encouraged
-Easy to plan out meals and snacks
-Eating healthy foods instead of crazy fad diet foods
-Allows for meal and snack variety
-Eat often
-Less expensive than other diets because you are sticking to basic foods that you shop for in advance
-Teaches you to eat healthy and learn new snack and meal choices for the future
-Promotes a healthy lifestyle
-Allows you to eat many foods you may otherwise avoid based on calories (nuts, peanut butter, whey protein powder) [although you still have to be somewhat aware of caloric intake]
-Encourages you to eat fruits and vegetables
-Encourages you to eat a LOT
-The book gives you a lot of useful information and shares helpful recipe ideas

-You have to basically stick to these basic power foods. Otherwise it may be easy to stray from the list completely and fail to stick to the diet (ie: you can not sprinkle a few power foods onto your bacon). =)
-Food can feel repetitive after some time; make sure you have enough choices for a variety and try new recipes each week
-Fine line between foods that are acceptable and those that are not (you must be self-disciplined to be on this diet)
-You have to make time to plan your meals
-Calorie counting is often necessary with this diet in addition to sticking to basic power foods in order for the diet to be fully successful (portion control and self-discipline is still important)
-Sometimes difficult to dine out; few options besides salad and lean grilled meats
-Must avoid certain foods completely which could cause you to stray from the plan or give up entirely

I have done the Abs Diet a few times now. My overall experience has been positive. During my experiences I have done the Abs Diet to kick start another diet, counted calories while doing it, and tried only following the guidelines of the power foods and not watching amounts or calories. I have found that the most progress was during the time that I not only followed the power foods guidelines, but also counted calories. I believe I did a calorie intake of 1350 and exercised three to four times a week during it. I lost the most weight by doing this. I think that without the calorie counting, though you are eating healthy foods, you can go overboard. For me, I am very sensitive to weight gain. If I am not dieting, I gain weight. Even when I am not dieting I will still watch what I eat (I will only eat half of my meal when I go out to eat, have one cookie or one sixteenth of a pie, use 2% milk, and only have the serving size of whatever product I am eating) but I still seem to gain. It is frustrating, but it is just something I have to keep up with. So when I diet, I have to be careful to watch my fat and caloric intake, and when I am not I not only have to watch but also have to be sure I am regularly exercising to keep the same constant weight.

I believe that with this diet, if you eat the power foods you will essentially enjoy yourself while staying healthy. You will incorporate healthy foods rather than necessarily low calorie foods into your diet and keep full. This will set you up for a healthy lifestyle. But without some kind of guidelines as to how much you will be eating, you can be consuming a bunch of calories without even realizing. I recommend limiting yourself to a serving size of whatever you are having, even if they are power foods, so as not to overeat because it is quite easy to do so with the Abs Diet. It is tempting to eat half a jar of peanut butter or a container of roasted peanuts since they are allowed foods and for that I feel as though you need to have some structure with this diet. Though they are healthy, they are not calorie free! Limitation and moderation are key (true for any diet), so as long as you find a balance between eating the foods you love and practice self-control, you will be golden!

My favorite thing about this diet is the selection of the power foods. They are all extremely healthy options that you should incorporate into your life whether dieting or not. Through this diet is when I really started incorporating nuts and yogurt into my life. Eating fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats is wonderful for your body. It will teach you which foods are best for you to eat so that you do not have to eat as much to be full. Eating sugar free and fat free products will help keep your calories down, but the fillers that are replacing the calories and real sugar will be more detrimental than the calories. Besides, these foods will leave you feeling hungry shortly after. If you stick to eating these power foods and natural fats and sugars in moderation, you will reap the benefits while enjoying yourself along the way.


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    • Tina Hart profile imageAUTHOR

      Tina Hart 

      4 years ago from Bergen County, NJ

      Exactly why I didn't mind trying this diet. It really helped me incorporate nutritious foods, instead of just low calorie ones, into my lifestyle. The best diet is one where you enjoy the foods you are eating so much that you continue to eat them long after the diet is done! Thanks so much for your input!

    • poetryman6969 profile image


      4 years ago

      Seems like a clever way to think of a diet. I always regard a lifestyle as being better than a diet. Some folks seem to think that one day they will go off their diet. And when they do the weight comes back. If you change your life, you know you are never going back. Kind of like burning the boats when you get to the new land.


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