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Abuse of Perscription Drugs Rising

Updated on May 14, 2015

Rising Problem with Prescription Drugs in the USA

Today in United States of America there is a rising problem with the abuse and addiction of prescription drugs. This problem is not only prevalent in the adults who are prescribed these drug but also among those who are not legally prescribed them from doctors. In the documentary called The Abuse of Prescription drugs it is shown that the abuse of prescription drugs such as opioids, benzodiazepines and others are abused more than illegal drugs. For example, cocaine, meth and heroin are not even abused as much as prescription drugs. In this documentary it is said that prescription drug abuse is the highest in the state of Tennessee compared to all other states in the United States. Consequently, they also have the highest number of prescription drug addictions and deaths from prescription drug overdoses. The rise of prescription drug abuse and addiction is rising all over the United States and so are the negative consequences of the abuse.

There are many dangers associated with prescription drugs. One danger to be aware of that is associated with prescription drug abuse and addiction is that adolescents get a hold of the prescription drugs of their parents and use them. A problem that arises from this is that they are not aware of the potential risks of becoming physiologically and or psychologically addicted to these prescription drugs. Do to ignorance, adolescents also have a false belief and misconception that prescription drugs are safer than other illegal drugs because of the notion that they are not illegal and that their parents use them. Adolescents are vulnerable and more prone to misuse and abuse prescription drugs because of this.

Not only are adolescents looking at prescription drugs as less harmful but they look at them as less stigmatizing as well. Not only do adolescence look at them as less stigmatizing but the adults also view prescription drugs in the same way. When I say less stigmatizing what I mean is that they don’t view the prescription drugs compared to the ways that many people view illegal drugs such as crack cocaine, methamphetamine or heroin. Many people think that it is only those kinds of drugs that are associated with what is known as crack heads, dopers, tweekers and junkies. Because they use prescription drugs they see them as safer and are not as aware of the potential risks of becoming addicted to them.

People are able to get prescription drugs by various means. Prescription drugs are in many ways easier to obtain than illegal drugs that are sold on the street. People not only get prescription drug from doctors. They also get them from friends, neighbors, associates, the internet, mail and people that sell them illegally. There are also people that get prescription drugs from several doctors at one time. This method of getting prescription drugs is known as doctor shopping. Doctor shopping is a common way for those that are addicted and abuse prescription drug to have a full supply of them. It is also the way that people who sell prescription drugs on the black market get them so that they can make money.

The law enforcement agenesis are well aware of the illegal methods that people use for obtaining prescription drugs and they are working hard at enforcing the law and prosecuting people that get caught using these illegal methods. There are also Insurance companies and pharmacies that are cooperating with the law enforcement and drug diversion agencies so that they can catch people who are obtaining and selling prescription drugs illegally in an attempt to stop the rising problem of prescription drug abuse in communities and neighborhoods. A way that the doctors, pharmacists and insurance companies are cooperating with drug diversion and law enforcement agencies is by using a data base that shows them if a person who is requesting prescription drugs has bought them or similar prescription drugs from other doctors in a short amount of time. If the doctors see suspicious prescription drug activity they will report the patients activities to the law enforcement or drug diversion agency so that they can do further investigation on them.

In conclusion, there has been a rise of problems that has been taking place with the abuse of prescription drugs among adults, elders and teens. Drug abuse awareness is causing people to become more conscious, informed and understanding concerning prescription drug abuse and addiction problems around them. People being aware, informed and involved in prevention of prescription drug abuse and addiction can help combat this problem that we are facing as a nation.


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