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Acai Berrry Scams

Updated on January 26, 2014

Acai Berries are Just Fruit

Acai (Pronounced as-sah-ee) Berry Scams have been all over the Internet since November of 2008. Just go to Google Trends and you’ll see when the Scams really started taking off.

The vast majority of Ads for Acai Berry Online are littered with fraudulent claims. Many ads for Acai Berry go far beyond just misleading. Claims are all over the place as if the Acai Berry has some magical powers that nobody has known about – until 2008. The small grape-sized berries originating in Brazil are claimed by these Scam Companies to do everything from increase energy, fight cancer, to creating being the Mythical Fountain of Youth.

We all want to look younger as we age, to feel better, to be healthy. It’s sad that marketers play on our desires in such a fraudulent manner. To make matters worse many companies have charged consumers outrageous fees without their authorization. Or they have charged the consumer then not shipped the product.

The typical scam revolves around a “free trial” or even just a first purchase. Once these unethical companies have your credit card number they immediately bill you then put you and even when they do ship the Acai Berry Product they enroll you in a recurring billing program. Then they make it extremely difficult to get off these programs. You end up fighting with your Credit Card insurer. Don’t get yourself caught up in the hype.

Simple Facts about the Acai Berry

Acai Berries are just a fruit that grows in a particular region of the world – Brazil. The life expectancy of a person born in Brazil today is: 68.15 Years for a male and 75.45 years for a female. Wait isn’t the Acai Berry supposed to be the mythical Fountain of Youth? Apparently not. This information comes from the CIA World Fact Book. The Average life expectancy for a United States Citizen (Male/Female combined is 78.14 years). And who even knew of the Acai Berry before 2008, besides the Brazilians?

The Acai Berry Nutrition Basics

Acai Berry Per 100grams contains

533.9 calories

52.2 grams carbohydrate

8.1 grams of protein

32.5 grams of fat

The Acai Berry contains oleic acid, palmitic acid, linoleic acide, beta sitosteorol, polyphenols… on and on. Guess what – yeah most of this stuff is probably good for you.

Now lets compare this to the Common North American Blueberry

Blueberry Per 100 grams

137 calories

14.5 grams carbohydrate

.7 grams of protein

.3 grams of fat

What does this prove? Nothing! It proves berries have nutrition… that’s it.

What about Acai Berry Antioxidants?

When three commercially available juice mixes containing unspecified percentages of açaí juice were compared for in vitro antioxidant capacity against red wine, tea, six types of pure fruit juice, and pomegranate juice, the average antioxidant capacity was ranked lower than that of pomegranate juice, Concord grape juice, blueberry juice, and red wine. – Source: The Mighty Wikipedia!

Does Acai Berry Fight Cancer?

This from the Sloan-KetteringCancerCenter...

Acai has NOT been proven to be effective for cancer in humans

The only thing that has been proven in any clinical study that I could find is the Acai Berries seem to be a pretty good fruit for general health. That’s it. No magic cure, no weight loss, no cancer cure. They are just a fruit people. Wake up! Don't get scammed! It's just marketing people trying to make money off of you!

Acai Berries are Just Berries!

Big News Flash! Acai Berries are just Berries! They contain no magical powers!
Big News Flash! Acai Berries are just Berries! They contain no magical powers!


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  • shoeaddict profile image

    shoeaddict 8 years ago

    I think it is a delicious normal fruit like other berries and should not be regarded as a miracle.

  • tonymac04 profile image

    Tony McGregor 8 years ago from South Africa

    Thanks for this info. It just goes to show how gullible some people are. I hate scams like this because they just rob people. Your Hub should be widely read to help people not to succumb to this kind of scam.

    Love and peace