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What To Look For On Acai Berry Packs

Updated on June 29, 2010

There are acai berry products and there are acai berry products. If you want to choose the best there is, you need to ask around and make sure you buy the products of the manufacturers who pluck, pulp and pack them the way it should be done. What is more, you need to look at what is written on the pack and check out what is printed there. A closer look at those labels will go far in helping you get a natural acai berry product that is better.

First of all, look for acai berry products with no added sugar because sugar tends to compromise the antioxidant level in acai juice. If you are using acai berry as part of a total therapy in cancer, you definitely don’t want the sugar because cancer cells are known to feed on sugar. If you are particular and belong to certain communities, you could also check if it is kosher certified – many acai berry products are.

Yet another thing you need to check for is whether the acai berry product is pure so there should be no additives and no preservatives which can come in the way of its health giving properties. What you could also check is whether the acai berry is pure and unfiltered because you need to get the full benefits of the pulp which contains the skin and the pulp. The actual acai berry pulp is thick, not watered down and you need to check this.

Natural acai berry needs to be packed in glass bottles, not in plastic which heats up and could spoil the composition of the product. When products are packed into plastic bottles, they are usually heated so as to not spoil by killing the bacteria and this heat is not good when it comes to the acai berry pulp. While most products are flash pasteurized to kill bacteria, heating for a long time can be detrimental to the health giving properties of the product.

Look for the ORAC or Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity levels as well which need to be a minimum of 3000 units. Try and buy acai berry juice and other acai berry products from reliable stores where you can see, touch, read and then buy.

Also make sure that the packs are in good condition and that they have been packed as recently as possible. Remember that they are travelling a long way to get to your neighbourhood store and acai berry pulp is always better when the time between harvesting and eating is as little as possible. If you can, ask around for a brand you can trust from people who already use the product so that you can hone in on a really good trusted brand which you can stick with for a long time.


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