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Acai Berry - The Berry Healthy Fruit

Updated on May 6, 2017

Acai (ah-sah-eee) is a berry found in South and Central America. It was first used in the Amazon rainforest by tribes as part of their diet. It was only on the late 19th century that its medicinal and health properties were realized.

Acai berry is considered as a super food. Aside from the prestigious title, it is also known to be very delicious. Some people say it tastes like fruity red wine with hints of chocolate – what more can you ask for?

Experts are still running more research on the exact health benefits of acai berries but people in the Amazon and those from South America including Brazil eat these berries to treat common illnesses. It also shot to fame because of other healthy benefit claims.

Traditionally, acai berries are used to treat diarrhea, hemorrhage, ulcers and parasitic infections. These days, the same berry is being hailed as the answer to several health problems like obesity, arthritis, depression and even low libido. Unfortunately, there is not enough research on the connection of acai berry with these illnesses.

So what makes it a SUPERFOOD?

Free Radicals Fighter

Our body is exposed to different toxins every day which creates trillions of free radicals in our body. These free radicals are bad for our cells and glands as it makes us susceptible to illnesses. Aside from that, free radicals causes ageing.

To rid our bodies of these free radicals, we should take food rich in antioxidants like the acai berry. Other fruits that have antioxidants are blueberries and grapes but compared with acai, blueberry contains only half of acai’s antioxidant level while grapes only have 1/10 of acai’s superb power. In fact, acai is ranked as one of the “world’s highest” Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity (ORAC)food. This means acai can fight free radicals best.

Heart Health Champ

Anthocyanin is the antioxidant found in Acai berry. Aside from fighting free radicals, acai’s antioxidant properties is also good for the heart. It keeps your cardiovascular system healthy and it prevents the “oxidation of cholesterol” and therefore prevents “build-up of plaque that eventually leads to high blood pressure.”

This berry is also high in essential fatty acids that are linked not only to healthy cardiovascular system but also to a healthy nervous system.

Energy booster

Low in energy? Amino boosters found in Acai berries are great for muscle performance, production of energy, endurance and strength.

Immune system booster

If you are always feeling under the weather, try acai berry. Like blueberries, acai berries contain vitamin C. It also serves minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc and copper plus othervitamins such as vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 and E.

Digestive system helper

Constipated? Its skin and pulp has fiber that can help in digestion as well.Add acai in your diet to help prevent and rid digestion problems.

It is a super healthy food although it can be pricey. This is because these tiny berries come from the Amazon rainforest, to transport them to the supermarkets, they need to be freeze dried for 24 hours. Also, the nutrients found in the skin and pulp of the fruit, you would need several berries to get the nutrients you need from it to really work in your body.

Acai bowl
Acai bowl

The Famous Acai bowl

Although acai is a superfood, it cannot replace your body’s need for other healthy foods out there. Eat it together with other fruits, veggies, nuts and berries. A delicious way to do this is by making your own Acai Berry Bowl.

There is really no one way of making an Acai Berry bowl and there are a lot of recipes found in the internet. Of course the basic ingredient would be the acai berry itself. You can get frozen acai berry puree for your berry bowl from the supermarket or online.

However appetizing it looks, the acai berry bowl may just be a craze right now, but the health benefits of the acai berry was known by people from the Amazon and even in Brazil for ages. The craze may fade but the truth behind this superfood will always be real.


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