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Acceptance and Compliance

Updated on May 13, 2010


      Webster defines the word acceptance as being the act of agreeing either expressly or by conduct to an act or conduct. Compliance is the act of yielding or flexibility. It seems my whole life has been one of acceptance and then compliance. But then again isn't everyone's? Don't we all look back on situations and wonder what would be different if I had done this or that? How would my life had changed if I had married the cheerleader? If I had taken the scholarship in drafting I had been offered when I graduated? We all have these perplexing questions everyday. Think about the person who's loved one was killed in an accident. If they had left earlier or later taken a different route. These are all things out of our control. Call it fate or an act of God we have no choice but to comply. Take my marriage, I have been married for almost forty years and have four of the greatest children to show for it. My wife has turned into more of a best friend to me. Life changes our wants and needs. Since 1990 I have had many hospitalizations and a multitude of surgeries. At one time I looked at others with a sort of envy. Why me? Upon accepting my situations and comping to its limitations I said why not me. Wasn't I not strong enough to handle it? Of course I could. The older I get the more I believe we all go through the same things only at different times. I have seen many people go through their whole life without ever stepping foot in a hospital only to die in one after or near retirement from some cancer or heart condition. Life requires us to be yielding and flexible. When we accept our life and comply then we can move on. This doesn't mean to roll over and take it. We have an inert inter being that pushes us to rebel and test the limits. Acceptance and compliance are not words to be used lightly. Even a child resists the bonds of those two words and we as the parent must show them the meaning lest they become a venerable rebel. It is a tightrope we walk everyday as the song writer Leon Russell put it, I am up on the tightrope, one side is ice and the other fire. As the AA mantel goes learn to accept the things you can't change and change the things you can. I have accepted the hand I have been dealt and part of my compliance is writing. I don't by any means feel I have failed. I have been able to succeed in many trades and have the licenses to prove it. For the last fourteen years I have succeeded in sales and finance management. This last year of unemployment has been a testing season. Rather than feeling sorry for myself I have felt it has been a growing of my personality and spirituality. Acceptance and compliance, two words I have been reintroduced to since May of last year. I will stay up on the tightrope and hope I don't fall to either side but stay in the middle.


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