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Accessing Doctors Expertise

Updated on May 11, 2010

What Doctors Really Know?

Hello everyone, here I am once again!

Doctors expertise and accuracy in performing their jobs as masters in the field of medicine, at least that's what we all believe in, don't you agree? But, is that what really happens to you when you go a clinic or hospital seeking their expert guidance? 

As I already mentioned, this topic is a very sensitive one and, yet, it must be addressed by someone, so, I decided to do so.

It has been a while that I've been thinking about it and just now that occurred to me that I should write an article about it. So, bare with me.

Like myself, most of you in some point in life had a member of your family and even yourself who got sick or was in need of a doctor's help or, at least, a professional opinion about the health problem that you or someone else was having. So, how was the experience, did you get the help that you needed? Were you satisfied with it? 

Just a question: How many times have you or someone that you know, left the doctor's office frustrated for the time and money you spent there but, not really knowing what was going on with yours or your loved one's health? Well, that's the feeling that I have every time I visit a doctor's office.

I have asked these same question to myself many times and, the more I thought about the irritated I would become.

Just recently, I went to the doctor because I began having a pain on my left side right above the my abdomen under my lower ribs, I went to the doctor concerned about the problem considering that I've never been in hospitals as a patient, anyways, the doctor asked me several question, pressed his hands around my stomach and in the end, he couldn't determine what was going on, so he prescribed me two different kinds of medication.

A week later, the medication was making me feel worst so, I decided to stop taking them on my own, then, I called the doctor once again and set up another appointment, there I went, I paid another copay and waited to be helped, once again, the doctor assumed different causes of the pain and prescribed another medication for me to take during another week.

At this point, I got frustrated with him and then, I told him that I would like to do a blood test to check for several types of bacterias that could possibly be causing the pain, he agreed and, sent me to take the blood test.

After such a experience, I asked myself about the purpose of paying for doctors consultation fees and the waste of time and money that we all go through by not having better options when comes to doctors available in our local communities.

So, here are some questions to ponder: What doctors really know? What quality of education are doctors getting and from what educational institutions? Should we really blindly trust the doctor's recommendations without questioning the reasons for their decisions? Specially if, we feel that they're just assuming the possible symptoms that are causing our health problem?

It is of my understanding that we should all enquire anything and everything that doesn't make sense or that we disagree with, we can not close our eyes and mind and just believe that what they are saying is correct and take their words for it.

We spend time to shop around to find the best price for the items that we want to buy and, we do all that just because we want to save a few dollars and, in the end we feel accomplished for doing that, so, why not do the same when comes to choosing a good doctor? Should our lives be more important than anything else?

Anyways, I hope that this small article will make think about the importance of choosing a good doctor and maybe, it will make you feel compelled in taking better care for your life and, this start by choosing the best doctor that you can get.

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