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Handgun Accessory Guide

Updated on January 20, 2010

Buying the gun is the easy part, kind of. Now you want to get a license to carry, and find some cool accessories you can use with your new gun. Don't forget learn your state laws for carrying and owning a gun.

My first gun was a Glock 23, 40cal. It was actually a gift for developing a website for the Gun Store. It was my first gun. I wanted the 45 glock, but was too large of a gun to handle as a first handgun.

I'm glad I decided on the Glock 23. My 2nd gun was another Glock, the 27, also 40cal. I figure why have different caliber handguns. Buying ammo was easy, especially during these times where ammo was disappearing from the shelves at your local walmart.

The Glock 27 was purchased to carry on a day to day basis. So now I needed some accessories for both, more for the Glock 27.

Accessories Purchased

  1. 2 holsters, a paddle holster to carry on the hip, and an ankle holster to carry in a conceiled manner if needed. Now the ankle holster was a personal thing, and has turned out to be a nice choice. Be careful, don't just get any ankle holster. I've purchased a couple before I found the one I really like, and feels secure on my ankle. It's called the The Cop Ankle Bandâ„¢ , which offers economy and the ultimate in concealability. The Cop Ankle Band is available in right and left hand models.

  2. I also purchased additional clips. Having additional clips is a must, especially at the shooting range. Preloading the clips prior to the shooting range, ensures less time loading bullets in a clip, especially when some ranges charge by the time. Also it makes a better strategic sense with have some other clips on hand.

  3. I also purchased some magazine extensions, specifically for the Glock 27, because of the shorter grip. They are available for all Glock handguns and give you a greater surface area for your grip.

  4. I also purchased some grip enhancers for the Glock 23, to have a fuller and better grip. The Hogue Handall is a universal rubber grip sleeve with finger grooves and palm swells that fits most . It makes such a difference to me gripping my Glock 23.

  5. Next I purchased another ankle holster for carrying an extra clip and led flashlight. It just made sense to me to purchase another ankle holster which allows me to carry 2 additional clips, or 1 clip and 1 knife, or 1 clip and 1 flashlight.

There are tons of accessories out there, such as lasers, flashlights, new sights, etc. I just feel like the above list is the most practical that come to mind first. If you are looking for some nice accessories for your Glock, go to

Find that right handgun that fits you. Do your homework. There are many models out there to select from. Don't buy a gun because the cost is cheap. This is probably the case, you pay for what you get.

After you purchase your first handgun, get lessons for cleaning, handling, storage, loading and shooting your new gun. Some states require you to take a class before they issue a license to carry.

Be aware of your State laws for carrying a gun. All states are not created equal, and some states do not accept the license of other states. Be prepared and read your state laws, and educate your self with all the safety steps in handling your gun.


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