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Most Accurate Bathroom Scales - Precise Weighing Bath Scale

Updated on February 18, 2012

There really is only one thing you want from a set of bath scales and that is for them to be reliable in reading your personal weight. It is going to be a little surprising then for the average shopper to hear that most of those on the market today are only accurate to within plus or minus 5% of the actual measurement. Not only is that a pretty wide variation but this is also an accepted industry standard...and of course there are those which are less accurate too.

There are many reasons why you might want to keep an accurate record of your body mass. For many of us, good precise bathroom scales allow us to know our exact physical weight for the purposes of dieting and maintaining our personal fitness goals. When we are on a calorie controlled diet or engaging in a personal exercise program it is hugely motivating to see we are actually losing weight, no matter how small those increments might be.

The most accurate bathroom scales are essential to any good weight loss program and the more precise the readout the better. Inaccurate readings can be a huge demotivator, if they are not precise enough to show those times when you only lost a few ounces or worse, if their innaccuracy mistakenly shows a gain despite all your hard work.

How To Choose The Best Bathroom Scales For Your Needs

These are all pretty similar in most ways although there are some aesthetic differences which appeal more to some than to others.

The most important things to look at when choosing a new weighing machine are:

1. Which is the most reliable bathroom scale? Accuracy is an important consideration, after all, you are buying a personal weighing machine so you want it to offer the most precision available within your chosen price range.

2. Do you want an analog or digital display? The old style ones always had an analogue dial with a needle which would generally move between single ounce increments but most newer models feature a digital readout. Which you prefer is a matter of personal choice, some people like the old fashioned bathroom scales whilst others prefer digital with decimal measurements. The benefit of the former mechanical bathroom scales is that no batteries are required and if they are deemed to be displaying inaccurate readings they can be easily calibrated to be more precise. On the other hand, digital scales offer better feedback including such things as memorizing previous readings, displaying BMI, providing things like a backlit display or extra large numbers for those with difficulty seeing.

3. Audible Readings – unfortunately, most of these require you to lean over and look between your feet to read the display to see how much you weigh. For those with disabilities which make this difficult, or if you are blind or have very poor eyesight, there are talking bathroom scales.

4. Portable Flat Bathroom Scales or Upright Weighing Machines – for most, the choice will be to opt for small bathroom scales which are typically flat, square(ish) and very lightweight allowing you to move them from room to room and store away easily when not in use or take up a very small amount of floor space, or are small enough to be stored in a closet or under your bed. The alternative is the large upright physician scales you often see in doctor’s offices which are some of the most accurate you can find but are large and bulky and not to everyone’s taste. Weighing scales like these are known as balance beam scales and can be bought for home use however if that’s what you want.

5. Overall look and designs – the choice here is quite varied although generally, you are looking at a flat, square(ish) model with a digitial or analog display. You can find models to fit pretty much all kinds of home décor though including see through glass, square or round bathroom scales, or those from various materials like cheap plastic bathroom scales or metal including chrome, brushed nickel or rubbed bronze accents.

6. Does it weigh in pounds or kilograms? These days this is generally a moot point, as most display readings in both pounds and kilograms with a quick flick of a switch or push of a button in the case of those with digital displays or the dial of the mechanical bath scale shows both on the dial. However, some do not show both so it is worth checking this out beforehand to make sure.

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