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Achieve Your Goals: How to Be Successful with Subliminal Messages

Updated on September 29, 2012

Whilst many people strive with ultimate determination to achieve their goals and reach their most highest desires, only few manage to conquer the walls which succumb them to failure and leave the rest of the world beneath the 'glass wall', where dreams are crushed and aspirations are concealed away from what we call 'logic'.

But what we must understand is that there is almost a 'common denominator' with people who are successful, that no matter how much they fail or are kicked down by the world and the challenges that face them, they have an undeniable sense of certainty that eventually they will succeed.

Now, obviously some individuals are going to be more naturally inclined to be positive than others, and therefore more flexible to their failures and defeats, yet this article will be presenting to you a technique of reprogramming, that even the most pessimistic of minds will adapt to, and inevitably benefit from.

All credit for this image goes to Mike Seyfang via.
All credit for this image goes to Mike Seyfang via. | Source

Understanding Your Own Beliefs.

Every single person on this planet has his/her own set of beliefs. These beliefs are either built over time from past experiences, from seeing and hearing what others have mentioned or from any other references that people have stored away in a specific part of their brain.

A crucial part of being able to 'reprogram' your mind for increased success potential is to understand how your beliefs affect you. The majority of people will not know that it is as a cause of your beliefs, that you behave the way you do and create the results that you do.

For example, two men working for the same company are given the same strenuous project at work. One of these men believes that even though he must do this work it will benefit him in no particular way, so inevitably he puts significantly less effort into his work.

On the other side, the other man decides that even though this project may not benefit him directly, he believes that in the long run something worthwhile will come from this task. Hence, he spends far more time and effort trying to produce the best results that he possibly can.

Now, when the deadline for the work comes around, the boss evaluates both men's productions, and it is noticeable that the 2nd man of the two has created far more outstanding results than the other. He therefore decides that the promotion that he has been contemplating giving to one of his colleagues, definitely deserves to be given to this man for his hard work and effort.

The main question here is whether the first man of the two could have created the same results as the other, had he had a similar set of beliefs, and the answer is that his chances are significantly increased. It goes without saying that there are other factors which will affect our performance, but for the most part your ability to produce the best that you possibly can, will in one way or another come down to your beliefs.

Cancelling Negative Beliefs.

So now that you know the potential effect of having a good set of beliefs can have, now is the time to evaluate your current beliefs and see which ones are benefiting you, and which ones you need to 'cancel'. The best way of achieving this, is to ask yourself truthfully whether you truly want to be living the life you currently do, as to keep on getting what you're getting, you must keep on doing what you are doing...

Therefore, if you happen to enjoy the current lifestyle that you pursue or are living, please maintain the set of beliefs and actions which you currently indulge in. Although, if you aren't content with the way that your life is playing out, you owe it to yourself to restructure your life and get yourself aligned to the path of your own success.

Here are three questions that you should ask to find out what your current beliefs are:

  • Are You Honestly Demonstrating Your True Potential Within Everyday Situations?
  • Are you Happy With The Results You Are Currently Producing?
  • Is There Anything In Life Which You Desire, Yet Are Not Currently Applicable to?
  • Do You Truly Believe That You Can Achieve Your Goals?

Whilst you may not get your answers straight away, it is important that you are persistent and demanding of your responses. You see, your brain is specially designed to block out pain and almost delude itself into feeling pleasure. Hence, why at first your brain may be reluctant to give you truthful answers to your questions, but due to the fact that your brain is at the wish of your every command, with repetitive and persistent questions you will eventually receive your answers.

Replacing Your Old Limiting Beliefs.

Here is where the majority of people fail with their beliefs. Once you have found all of your old (non-supporting) beliefs, it is of the utmost importance that you replace these old beliefs immediately, with some new more empowering ones. Otherwise, you will eventually return back to your old beliefs, due to your brain craving the pleasure it gained from the old beliefs.

So now the question you must ask yourself is what kind of results that you would like to produce, in each relevant sector of your life. Or in other words, what goals would you like to achieve and find success with.

This is where the power of subliminal messages comes in to play. To reinforce any new belief into your brain and therefore your life, you must expose yourself to it repeatedly again and again. This is because your brain interprets new information from repetition, and will act accordingly to what it has been told. That is why subliminal messages can be so powerful in terms of reinforcing new beliefs, and changing the way you think and do to create much better results.

So, if you are within the 5% minority of the world who doesn't just talk and actually does, you should do yourself a favour by experimenting with the effects of subliminal messages and how they can change your life. If you don't believe in the power of subliminal messaging, the let me give you an example of when they are most prominent.TV advertisements. They will incorporate effective use of images, sounds and emotions, to provoke its audience to think a certain way about a product, so that they feel more inclined to possess it.

The same works with subliminal messaging software, you will be exposed to content which effectively creates images, sounds and provokes emotional response, so that your brain will be trained into believing a new set of beliefs, which are both empowering and supportive in creating the results you desire the most.

So for now it is up to you where you take this from here, but in any case I wish you the best and maybe you will become the next phenomenal success story.

A Video Giving a Demonstration of Subliminal Xtreme.

Thanks to Allan Corentt for this great video demonstrating SubliminalXtreme.


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    • Ruby H Rose profile image

      Maree Michael Martin 4 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

      I love stuff like this where I can just push buttons and have all sorts of positive stuff help me change this way of thinking for good. Thumbs up you betcha.

    • drspaniel profile image

      drspaniel 5 years ago from Somewhere, where the sun shines once a year...

      Haha that would be a good idea for a Hub! :) Thank you for your gracious comment and I'm happy to see that it proved useful to you. Have a great day!

    • klanguedoc profile image

      Kevin Languedoc 5 years ago from Canada

      This is awesome drspaniel! This is a keeper. I have voted it useful, awesome and interesting. However knowing how to change is one thing but fighting the inertia is another. Lol, this is probably an idea for a hub: how to fight our inertia to change our lives. Anyway, you have presented the material in an interesting voice.