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Acid Reflux Disease and GERD

Updated on April 10, 2011

Acid Heartburn

OK so here we go, hub number 60, quite a milestone and Ive been putting it off since Friday basically because I wanted it to be about something personal to me and I like to keep a certain quality to my hubs because after all I don't consider my hubs 'fast-food' or 'junk-food', sorry about the pun..but I digress..

Something I have started to suffer with recently is Acid Reflux, obviously its only mild symptoms of the disease because it hasn't interrupted my everyday routine, but it's something I hope to nip in the butt before it becomes a major problem in later life. I mean I don't smoke, I don't binge drink, I don't smoke the pot and I don't gamble which are considered the 'lighter' vices of young people, so I think I'm keeping myself out major harms way. I would just like to give a description of my eating and drinking habits throughout an ordinary day for me and mention the conditions and some of the problems and solutions I have researched.

Heartburn Foods

Fried and Fatty Foods

Fried and Fatty foods are something many of us like to indulge in from time to time, especially if you are a growing man with a tiresome and busy schedule, I find it impossible to complete to go about my activities unless I have that security of a satisfied stomach full of carbohydrates and protein. Also the cause of Acid reflux and Heartburn can be due to cramming down 'quick ready-made' meals too fast because for one you are not giving the enzymes in your mouth time to go to work on breaking down your food, you are not chewing the food enough and the result is that high fat content foods take longer to digest in your stomach anyway, so excess stomach acid is produced to compensate.

Heartburn Causes

Fizzy Drinks

This is something I am very guilty of because I find Pepsi which is my favorite, gives me that refreshing feel within my mouth because of it being carbonated and I like the extra caffeine resource. I remember reading one article about a women who drank a liter of coke everyday for a year to win a competition on the label and tried to sue them because she ended up with bad heartburn, however I'm not as extreme as her, I usually always have the diet version of Pepsi because I fine regular to sticky and the sugar content is something like 6 tea-spoons. Coke has large amounts of citric acid and can upset the balance within your stomach unlike more natural alternatives such as water. soy milk or homemade carrot juice. Something which is extremely bad is beer or Cider which I drink, the cheaper the worse it is, Strongbow gave me heartburn and an ex girlfriend of mine.

Acid Reflux Symptoms or Heartburn GERD, usually consist of a pain directly in the center of your chest which feels like bloated, trapped air, with or mild burning sensation or it can consist of regular spontaneous burps/hiccups, the latter being what I have recently experienced. I know that my Father has taken Rennie's for many years and these are square tablets/lozenges which come in a red packet helping to settle your stomach. Another over the counter remedy in the UK is Gaviscon which is a whitish liquid which you take with a tablespoon, however I must be a rare case because I actually felt this made the burning sensation worse when I had it once. I'm hoping I manage to change my diet before I have to resort to the method shown in the photo above, which I researched on Wikipedia called a 'Laparoscopic stomach surgery' where Physicians removed your Gall Bladder to prevent Acid Reflux.

Hearytburn Remedies

Milk can be drank frequently to reduce Acid Reflux symptoms or even try eating yogurt, dairy drinks have a large alkaline percentage and therefore counter balance the excess acid almost instantaneously. People have a preconceived notion that lemon is acidic, lemon actually neutralizes acids and a warm glass of lemon juice in before bed will relax you greatly. It is particularly useful if this is also drank a hour to 3 quarters of an hour before meals because the chemical potassium found in lemon reacts with the acid settling your stomach.

Prevent Heartburn Symptoms with...

Recent Studies have shown that Chewing Gum for 30 Min's after a meal can help to reduce your Heartburn, a much easier and cost effective way than expensive surgery or expensive medication right? Scientists carried out experiments with 21 test volunteers who ate two high fat meals over two days, one each day. After each meal, one volunteer would chew gum and another wouldn't, the results which emerged showed that in the Esophagus of the volunteer who chewed gum, their acid levels were decreased and vice-versa for the volunteer who didn't chew gum. I can testify for this because I have been doing it myself and it is such a relief that the symptoms are greatly reduced.

Another Heartburn Cure

One final Heartburn relief you could try as a last resort before surgery is Medication from your doctor, but unless you have free health service like the NHS in the U.K, or Health Insurance in America you could be forking out mega bucks. For example I have read in the original flickr page where this image was found that each one of these tiny 'Nexium' capsules costs a staggering $17.00 dollars!

So when you are next experiencing heartburn symptoms, think to yourself what am going to do to prevent this from worsening? because it's not only your health you have to worry about, but the hole it will be burrowing in your pocket! I know it' going to be on my mind, let's hope I can do something about it.


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