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The A's in My Life

Updated on January 20, 2016
The starting point of all achievement ....
The starting point of all achievement .... | Source

The 'A'

As we know words are powerful and among them 'A' is the beginning in order of alphabet. Life begins from somewhere and 'A' being the first reflects the beginning too.

'A' cknowledge , 'A'ppreciation, 'A'ffirmation, 'A'ttraction and 'A'chievement, this are some powerful words that can help us through road of Success and Happiness. Although for some it may only be words but this are the 'building blocks' that make up the structure to stand upright.

Success and Law of Attraction

Accomplishment varies for everyone, from love to prosperity. For some they seek harmony in family some seeking fortune and financial freedom . Everyone has different dreams and goals to reach. Whatever it is the starting point is desire. So if the foundation is right and strong, then success is within reach. ,

According to 'Law of Attraction" , every event, miracle or misfortune that happens in our life happens because 'we magnetized for them'. Somehow, our known desire or unknown fear is transmitted to the 'universe' which unfolds and awards us with positive or negative events.

By 'magnetize' it means, attracting or drawing 'things' or 'actions' towards oneself. The right kind of 'attraction' will flow towards us if we continuously send out positive vibrations to attract them like a 'Magnet'. Sometimes we may experience ' special attraction' towards a stranger, and that could be because they are vibrating positive energy.

However, there is one step that is not given priority by most and that is 'Acknowledgement'

In almost all 'Power of Attraction Reference' they emphasis on the proses of Affirmation. They emphasis on regular and consistent positive affirmation in order to attract what we want.

Here, I would emphasis on 'What we should know" as Acknowledgement. Manifestation of Affirmation comes next as we should know our own advantages and weakness first. We would probably have read and seen videos in relation to this 'power' but face some 'drawbacks' and we start doubting our own self.

Together with Acknowledgement we can practice Appreciation which is similar to gratitude.

We Acknowledge and we Appreciate for all that we already have means recognizing the 'Silver Lining'

We have roof over our head, food on our table, cloths to wear, a job that ensures consistent income .. and many more things that are better than some people who do not have what we have. Be appreciative and extend your gratitude for those things in our life.

What if you gave someone a gift, and they neglected to thank you for it - would you be likely to give them another? Life is the same way. In order to attract more of the blessings that life has to offer, you must truly appreciate what you already have.

Ralph Marston


Before We start !!

Lets just be grateful and 'Appreciate' all those beautiful things in life that we overlooked. Stop and admire or just think of all simple things life has to offer, think of those beautiful people in our life and beautiful things around us.

By taking time to stop and appreciate, unconsciously we create lots of positive vibrations around us. It will take us to a better place to feel and think with clearer mind. Of course, everyday may not be good , but if we learn to enjoy the little things, we may be able to realize how beautiful life is as it is.

Before going further, I would just like to mention here that if you are reading this from anywhere then i guess your life is way better then most people out there. Its just that you might have missed those moments. Probably you never recognized them.

You can read about it in my hub "Today's Gift" where some examples of stuffs that you forgot to be thankful for.


The initial or first step in the journey to success should always begin with 'Acknowledgement'. Everyone is born with 'Karma' or 'faults' . As some religious belief does not accept the term 'Karma', in this context I will define it as 'physical attributes' and 'placement'.

Physical attributes relates to disability or appearance, while 'placement' relates to where and to whom we are born to (family background)

So by acknowledging there is an 'acceptance', we will not be in 'denial' of our flaws and drawbacks. Then we can be more 'focused' on asking for what we want. Acknowledge what is 'true' to us and not run away or pretend that it is not there.

But yet not all 'drawbacks' or placement is a Block that you can not cross over because we have seen many successful people from those group. Just look at Nick Vujiicic he is a successful motivator, he used his drawback as his asset to progress in life. Instead of wishing for what he does not have, he used what he has and channeled it into the right path.

Another notable person is Stephen Hawking, the known smartest person alive. The diagnosis of motor neuron disease came when Hawking was 21, in 1963. At the time, doctors gave him a life expectancy of two years (Source : Wikipedia). Although he has limited physical abilities he has channeled his success through his brain.

We can not simply ignore the negative, but we have to acknowledge them and find a way to accomplish through an equalizer. Which means choose the path of diversification, do something above the 'drawback' or restriction.

And even then we can see Oscar Pistorius doing a 100m dash and become a Paralympic champion. He did not have legs, he was an amputee, he lost both his legs and yet with artificial limb he ran faster then most of us can.

Acknowledging allows us to find ways to head where we want to without submitting to our weakness.

Affirmation and Action

This is manifestation of changes that we want in our life. By doing the initial step of acknowledgement, we should actually know and plan what we want. Looking at the 'situation' and the underlying true facts that relate to the 'situation' we must be able to decide the possibility of that to happen.

There is a story which comes to my mind every-time as a reminder . :

A woman manifesting on winning lottery. Until the end of her life she never did. When she died

She asked God : "Why? you did not make my wish come true"

God replied : "You should buy lottery ticket in the first place to win them"

Progressing from 'NoWhere' to 'NowHere' ...

Lets leave aside the argument if we can manifest on winning a lottery and focus on the action not taken to allow for the 'situation' to come true . So there it is we have to work for it too, By simply manifesting on 'something' and just lying in bed hopping for it to come to you is 'Lazy'.

In order to receive the 'Outcome' action has to be taken.Remember that taking action provides for opportunities for new possibilities to appear. That possibility did not come out of 'No Where' but because you made act of moving towards 'Now Here'

Your believe that 'I can not do it' will flow out as you progress nearer to your desire ... it will change you to believe 'I can do it'

“Vision is not enough, it must be combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs.”

— Vaclav Havel

Think and choose the desire you want to attain based on your 'acknowledge' of the possibilities of them materializing.

Manifesting on something that we know is unattainable is where our 'acknowledgement' should put a stop to. Well, I can not be manifesting 'Queen E' to knock on my door and say I am the long lost heir to the throne .. This is foolish and ridiculous.

By acknowledging 'drawbacks' we can choose the right affirmations and it will also save you from 'depression' as you know the 'humps' and 'bumps' that you will need to go through. Failures can push you to a corner if you overlooked all the shortcomings.

Fake Courage

As you have 'acknowledged' your fear and your limits, start planning a 'fake courage'. For some people it is an 'overnight success story' but for most we have to put our fear's aside

I stumbled onto this phase 'Fake it Until You Make It' ~

"It is often recommended as a therapy technique for combating depression. In this case, the idea is to go through the routines of life as if one were enjoying them, despite the fact that initially it feels forced, and continue doing this until the happiness becomes real. This is an example of a positive feedback loop." Wikipedia

Since we have started with acknowledgement, it would be easier to put forth and plan a 'fake courage'

Dig within, and discover what you would like to have happen in your life
Dig within, and discover what you would like to have happen in your life | Source

Attraction and Achievement

Law of Attraction states, in order to attract 'something' we have to repeat our affirmations and believe in the situations that we want to attain. There are many different techniques used by different people. We can choose the ones we are comfortable with.

Here are some simple steps that can be used :

  • Clear our mind of everything
  • Manifest on what we want to achieve .. eg. more Money, good Partner, better Health, better job.
  • By manifesting, you are actually visualizing yourself attaining the 'want' in a much deeper, full power and very much energized way. Not just 'I want it' but living it, touching it and feeling it as though we have physically attained it.
  • The more we do it the more we start getting closer towards it, the paths will be opened and cleared for us to achieve them
  • Remember, as mentioned earlier, action has to be taken by us. If you want more Money, open up the right channels by planning on good business ventures or seeking better job.
  • Break down your manifestation for example 'For Better Job' there would be stages of ..
    'Good Opening' and 'Interview' so your manifestation should include all this .

Basically .. You are now the 'Magnet' and ready to pull all that you want towards you.

A little reminder : While progressing with the 'Good Wants' your thoughts may be diverted by the problems you are facing .. like Overdue Bills .. If your thoughts are diverted in a negative way like the troubles of 'paying the bill' you will end up accumulating negative energy. Just 'acknowledge' it and tell yourself .. I shall look into it and put it aside and carry on manifesting the good vibrations ...

Basically you can start by reprogramming your thoughts from being 'negative' to being more positive. Well it is not just saying 'I am positive thinker' but your subconscious mind should be. Once you have pass through your acknowledgement phase, this should be easy.

Whats next .. ?

If we have come this far , we have done everything well then there is nothing to stop us from achieving our desired goals.

Experiment and Action

Law of attraction is actually an 'Experiment', there are many theory and hypothesis related to this Law. We have to try and improvise along the way, for the right way to do it and which is suitable for ourselves.

As mentioned repeatedly, acknowledgment is the key word and it will help us in reaching our desired goals.

Finally there is another important step in achieving our desires and wishes, that is Gratitude. This is one of the most difficult of all because we need to thank the 'Giver' for providing for 'what we have not received' , thanking the 'Giver' for 'what we have been given' . Remember, there is always something to Thank the 'Giver' for .... Even a glass of water, the roof above our head, the food on our table, the cloths we wear ... and the list goes on and on ...

Happy Trying


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