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Acne, It's Causes And Home Remedies

Updated on March 21, 2012

Acne and Its causes

Acne is a painful time rather than a condition of teenage that is faced mostly by all of us. All males and females are generally presented with the acne during their puberty. It doesn’t only attack on face but also on back and chest. Bacteria often worsen the condition even if not initiate the problem. If not taken care acne could leave marks for life. Acne appears on skin as either blackheads or white heads, or tender red bumps (pimple) with a continuous throbbing and pinching pain at the spot, pustules or sometimes deep pimples or boils also called cysts.

Acne is known to be caused primarily caused by testosterone in the blood stream that is increased during our teenage. It happens due to the stimulation of oil glands under our skin that are connected to hair follicles due to elevated level of the said hormones during puberty. Clogging of skin leads to severe the skin condition as the progress of acne ruptures the skin causing irritants enter and hence causing inflammation of skin. If the sebum (oil) comes to the surface of skin it makes a whitehead or if gets oxidized it changes color from white to black becoming blackhead.

People are often misguided as far as acne is considered. Parents tell their kids to avoid junk food for the fear of aggravating acne. This is not true at all. While junk food is not good for health it does not have any role in acne. Heredity is also a factor that is believed to be a part of acne. Well, it is not if experts on the subjects are to be trusted. The issue of stress troubling people with severe acne is also under debate. So, no harm is done if lower levels of stress are to be adopted.

Although giving pressure to these spot of acne also worsens them, there is no significant evidence of stress causing the same damage to them. Then there are certain kinds of occupations lead to the acne problem. Some people have problem with certain cosmetic brands while the others work fine for them. This is basically hit and trial. If you land on one that suits you there is no need to try others, as it can be very painstaking. Otherwise water based cosmetics work fine for acne. Then there are certain drugs that can contribute in acne like iodides, bromides or steroids. So try to tread in safe waters and in supervision.

Home Remedies for Acne

Have you ever been harassed for the condition you are not exactly responsible. Acne is one of those conditions of body that does not leave us in peace till we try out everything in our hands and finally get frustrated about “what next”. Well, to be true no magic works for them. Acne is a teenage condition that is generated due to the excess of sebum generated by oil glands under our skin stimulated by hormones such as testosterone. So, this excess oil leads to rupture of skin, resulting in acne and bacteria in atmosphere make them worse aggravate it.

There can be Over-the-counter remedies for acne available in market. Sometimes they are effective. Other time they are simply ineffective as the problem deepens due to the factors we are not aware of. Some would say that junk food worsens them and other would suggest not taking stress as it may aggravate acne. Actual reasons are under study and no one would know as to when would we actually hear about the serious causes of acne. But to remain at safer side is always good. Opting for a healthy life is always good for self as a whole if not especially for acne. So, exercising, taking healthy and natural food and having lots of water in system is few of the habits that will ensure that we live healthy.

Few of the home remedies that people who had won over acne suggests include following things:

· Apple cider vinegar

· Garlic Juice diluted with water on face applied directly or 2-3 cloves eaten daily or both

· Aloe Vera gel (taken freshly from the plant) would give visible result

· Honey will kill the bacteria and hence would not let acne grow worse

· Tea tree oil (diluted 1:9) applied on washed and cleansed face and few drops in a face pack of green clay once in a week

· Orange peel powder in a face pack with few drops of lemon

· Coriander juice mixed with a pinch of turmeric powder treats acne well

· Paste of Turmeric with Neem leaves

· Honey and cinnamon power paste

· Egg yolk mask for 15-20 minutes

· Rose water and limejuice to reduce acne or pimple scars

Severity of the acne decides generally what treatment would suit it and for how long it is required to show the results. So do not get disheartened and keep looking and trying for the remedy that would suit you best.


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    • drspaniel profile image


      6 years ago from Somewhere, where the sun shines once a year...

      Very useful as I used to have spots on my face, and once I got so fed up with them I popped it, and nt only was it very painful, but it left a little scar there...


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