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Acne- My personal experience in dealing with it.

Updated on November 8, 2013

My daughter was prone to acne and those were the days when I felt so bad to see her complexion marred by dark spots and the vivid redness of new break outs. I tried everything, but of no avail. Whatever I tried had no effects and I nearly gave up. My cousin’s daughter is a dermatologist and she suggested certain creams and face wash. It helped a little and I browsed the net for some more information and followed whatever was written.

Now her acne has gone and so also her marks. I do not know whether it was because of the routine I made her follow or the change in the diet which made the difference. I will just tell you what I did for her and it may or may not work for you. But there is no harm in trying, is there? What I am telling you is my personal experience and you are free to follow or ignore it.

1. The first thing I changed for my daughter was her face wash. She kept changing her face wash and was always on the lookout for oil free face wash, but it did not work for her. She now uses Saslic DS -salicylic foaming face- wash suggested by my cousin’s daughter. She washes her face twice with this face wash.

2. I read in the internet that baking soda was good for acne and she uses it regularly and it gives good glow to your face.

3. The best ever cream she has used for acne was Adapalene gel and there is a trick to use it. When you feel that there is going to be a new break out, you should take out a small amount of the gel and just keep it in the place where you feel the break out is going to be. You need not spread the gel. It is always good to use the gel before the break out, rather than after the break out. My daughter told me that there will be a pricking sensation in the place where the break out will occur and she will immediately keep a small amount of the gel in it and the acne does not become big and very livid also.

4. She never ventures out without a sunscreen. She applies sunscreen at least twenty minutes before going out in the sun.

5. She was recommended Depiwhite and Cosglo for treating the dark marks left by acne and she says it is very good.

6. She now avoids bakery items which she adores. We do not eat out and it is a strict ‘no’ to oily foods.

7. She is not crazy about vegetables and always keeps the vegetables I cook untouched. Now I make soup of green vegetables and she drinks it like medicine. I do not make elaborate preparation to prepare the soup. It is so simple and you too can try it. Take one tomato, one onion, two garlic buds, and add any vegetables you want. I always add greens, cabbage, turnip, or any vegetables my daughter would not eat when cooked as a dish. Add a pinch of salt, one teaspoon of cumin seeds, and a teaspoon of whole black pepper. Add a glass of water and pressure cook for ten minutes and strain. I give to her daily and it has added a glow to her face. You too can try it and might be you can see good difference.

8. Do not scrub as it will aggravate acne and make it worse. Use rice powder as it exfoliates your face naturally.

9. Say no to heavy makeup and use it minimally. Wash your face immediately after you return from work as if you allow your pores to be clogged, there is bound to be break outs.

10. Do not overdo washing your face as your skin will lose its natural oil and the worst thing happens, fresh break outs.

This hub is actually about my personal experience and not an authoritative conclusion as to how acne should be treated. What worked for my daughter might or might not work for you. But you should have immense patience to deal with acne. My daughter suffered for two years and I have told her that since she was acne prone, her care should be continuous and persistent.

© 2012 mathira


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