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Acne Rosacea-Easy Cure

Updated on July 27, 2009

Easy Cure For Acne Rosacea

 In the early 1980's without any prior health problems,  I looked in the mirror and I was so upset when I saw my face. The area around my nose and upper cheeks was fire red, and I had tiny white dots with fluid in them, all over my face. I immediately made a appointment with a dermatologist, and he gave me a heavy antibiotic. I continued with this doctor for awhile, but the medicine and creams were not working. I was embarrassed when people would stare at me, and I became very self conscious.

I tried several other doctors and I was not getting any better. I went on a trip to California to visit a friend, and I made a appointment at The California Medical Center. I was told that I had a condition called Acne Rosacea, that was not really acne. That makes little sense to me. I was also told that the cause is unknown, treated with creams, or antibiotics. Both of these treatments did not work, and I became allergic to all the antibiotics.

When I returned home, I saw another local doctor, and he wanted a biopsy. I already had been tested for Lupus, and that was negative. The needle shot into the face only concluded that I had Acne Rosacea. I was right back to where I started. Time had passed and I noticed that the condition changed and the symptoms would come and go. I had been told that being in the sun was a cause, yet I spent a month in Jamaica and I did not have a skin problem. I was told that coffee and alcohol caused the condition. I did not drink, and I did not believe that coffee or hot liquids would cause the skin problems.

Believe me , if someone said to me that I looked pale, I would be happy because it was not red. The outbreaks after the first one, became more like red blotches running from the face to the neck. The left side was the worse side. I also noticed that before a episode I would feel heat under my skin and a sand paper feeling, yet you could not see anything. I read all the articles written about the condition, and then I just stopped going to any more doctors.

My family and I had planned a trip to drive to New York. My skin was clear almost the entire trip. The day we entered New York we had stopped at a convenient store to buy snacks. We were back on the road again, maybe a hour from my sister's house. I was eating some Doritos. When I got to my sister's house she immediately asked me what was wrong with my face. I went to look, and sure enough the condition had flared up. My sister asked me what I had been eating and I told her Doritos.

I found out that day that the processed foods contain MSG. Everyone has a amount of MSG in their system, I was giving myself massage over doses of MSG. I had been eating Chinese food, the egg rolls, processed crackers, stove top stuffing, Spanish yellow rice, salad dressings, canned soups and tomatoes. My sister has a reaction to MSG, like my father does but it does affect their skin. Flavored potato chips are real bad. 

All the years, all the doctors with their "unknown cause" should have known what causes Acne Rosacea. I can say with 100 percent honesty, since I stopped eating all the foods that contain MSG, sulfates and nitrates I have been cured.  I know what it made me feel life to be stared at, like I was a freak.  Simple problems have simple cures.


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  • profile image

    LB 6 years ago

    SO interesting about the doritos. I had a horrible breakout to the left of my nose that lasted about two months. FINALLY it flattened out, was fading, and almost completely gone. Then I had what I would call was admittedly a binge with a large bag of Doritos, and within an hour the lesion was completely back in FULL FORCE, not even "coming back" but fully back and angry looking, large, with pus in it (sorry to be gross.) I could only deduce that it had something to do with the Doritos, obviously! I read an article a few months ago that stated that it only takes about five ingredients to make a tortilla chip, but Doritos contain about 50, most of them processed chemicals. Oh well, I guess avoiding them will not only help my skin, but my waistline!

  • profile image

    Clairissa 7 years ago

    I have acne rosacea. I first noticed it after an abusive marriage leading to divorce. I know that the way you feel about yourself shows in the way you look. So I contribute some of my rosacea to that but i also have noticed a bit of rosacea in each of my family members just in a blush. I have had a little bit of a blush my whole life but growing up i had little to no acne and that was something that made me very happy where most people around me had alot of acne. The most i got was a little on my chin here and there. With my rosacea now I still only have acne on my chin but it is now a constant and at times it is weeks of bad acne before it finally calms down a bit but it never completly goes away. The first i noticed my rosacea it started as patches of red and then creapt up my face on one side of my face and then to the other. I finally went to the dermatologist because it was getting so embarasing. He gave me a topical and a antibiotic. I took about two or three antibiotic and every time i threw them up, so I quit taking them and just went to the topical. I was prescribed two different kinds but both did not help me. I do not beleive in doctors because it seems that they do what it takes for you to come back so they will never really cure you. So I went to a local natural food store and I found a rosacea cream that had aloe vera in it. It seemed to work pretty well at first but just calmed it down a little. I still have rosacea and i wont go out in public without makeup on because i feel exposed and people stare otherwise but i have been doing a lot of fruit and i have been staying away from yeast, bread, sugar, and eating just a little bit of meat. I have noticed that my rosacea calms down or flares up with what i eat and with this diet my face seems to calm down. I hope that i can find a cure to this because i dont want to deal with it my whole life. I dont have a boyfriend because i am afraid that when they see me with my makeup off they will be appalled and run the other way. Im excited to find a cure.

  • profile image

    Mary 7 years ago

    I just read that a paste of cooked Oatmeal works.

    I look forward to that! Ha Ha!

    One thing that does work extremely well is Coloidal Silver. You can use it as an anticeptic. It is great

    except that it does dry the skin. Avoid the skin around your eyes.

    Coloidal Siver is great for many, many things. It is easy to find a lot of articles giving out this information free. Do read up on it.

    You can even make your own for next to nothing.

    Youtube can show you how. That is how I learned.

    One thing to remember. Coloidal Silver, will cause bacteria to die. Good and Bad Bacteria! If you are going to consume Coloidal Silver,

    you really, really should consume lots of Yogurt.

    Buy yogurt without Asprataine PERIOD.

    Best Experiences!

  • profile image

    Mary 7 years ago

    I have had Rosacea for 15 years.

    MSG is bad for us, we do know this, but I don't

    eat MSG period.

    I just read that an Oatmeal